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Thread: where's David Lynch?

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    Good point, Mark.

    At 180 minutes INLAND EMPIRE is too long to sustain its story. This happens with improvisations. Lynch wanted to experiment to see where actors could go with the guideline he provided on a scene by scene basis. Cassavetes had a similar problem with THE KILLING OF A CHINESE BOOKIE except that he did cut it down to a focused narrative, and both versions are on Criterion's DVD. The shorter version is not that short but it is definitely the better film. If Lynch had cut INLAND EMPIRE down to 120 minutes, or tightened it up on the page before shooting it, he'd have a first-rate surrealist-thriller at 120 minutes. But I think that riffing on these ideas and meandering down these byways is precisely what Lynch enjoyed the most. He holds on to a scene long after it has peaked or made its point. He didn't have the heart to cut it. Brilliant individual bits and pieces are sandwiched between mundane repetition. There might actually be two films in INLAND EMPIRE trying to kick their way out.

    If Lynch makes another film, I hope he will let go of the good-girl-goes-wrong-in-Hollywoodland theme that he's been exploring since MULHOLLAND DR in 2001. No more films about Hollywood, please.
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    I loved INLAND EMPIRE and had no problem with its length but he's going to have to change his approach or he could wind up going over the same ground again. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with.

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    INLAND EMPIRE was a major disappointment for me. It may be the only film Lynch has made that I can say with some confidence that I'd never watch it again.

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    I thought Inland Empire lacked focus. It's not technically bad but it really needed someone willing to edit it down to a manageable length.
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    I really do love Lynch, even though he's done a few films that I don't particularly care for...but I've never outright disliked a film of his like I did INLAND EMPIRE. Once I got past admiring the beauty of the film...pretty much after the first half hour, I zoned in and out of being interested. The film was PAINFULLY long, in my opinion, but I definitely agree with Richard's assessment that there are some great ideas in there.

    The other problem that I had with it is that the blu-ray looks atrocious because of the resolution it was shot at. I understand that Danny Boyle's 28 DAYS LATER suffered from a similar issue.

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    I guess David Lynch has been off working with Duran Duran. This is like a dream come true for Tolch!

    From Bleeding Cool:

    "Back in the spring of 2011, David Lynch directed the live stream of Duran Duran concert. Today, the director’s cut of this film is going to screen in the Cannes marketplace which, all things being equal, will see it snapped up for distribution. Judging from recent concert film releases, I expect we’ll see a limited cinema roll-out followed by a DVD and Blu-ray."

    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    Haha, thanks for thinking of me. I'm interested in seeing it, for sure...althought it IS a music video, so how Lynchian can it actually be?

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    The same people got Werner Herzog to direct the shoot of a Killers concert - even more unlikely!

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    Hes going to direct the new Nine Inch Nails Video....

    Trent Reznor and David Lynch will team up for Nine Inch Nails' video for "Came Back Haunted," the first time the pair has collaborated since 1997's Lost Highway soundtrack. The glitchy track is the first single off NIN's upcoming album, Hesitation Marks, which will be out September 3rd on Columbia.

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