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Thread: The Matrix 10th Anniversary Blu-ray Coming 5/7/13

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    I'm surpised they've only got 7 directorial credits in 21 years. They feel busier than that. I reckon Bound is about as good as 90s neo-noir gets (and I love 90s neo-noir). The original Matrix is an exceptional movie. Just those two I think establishes them as exceptional talents. After that, for me, it's a bit grim. I haven't seen Cloud Atlas but the rest I didn't make it through or managed only by the skin of my teeth. Speed Racer in particular is baffling to me but I hear it has a serious cult following. Not something that can be said for Jupiter Ascending.

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    Fourth film is in the works. Working title is Project Ice Cream.
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    The first movie is the definition of meh. Literally fell asleep while my friends were raving about how mothaflipping awesome and bestest ever it was. Had a classmate who started dressing as Neo (the cringe was very real). Keanu is sooo stiff in it... and I love the dude. Such damn clunky fight scenes too. He's a lot more fluid and loose in the Wickiverse. Never bothered with the other Matrixes and plan on thoroughly skipping the rebootski bollsheet.

    The Wachowski's were the Nolan's of their day (F him too and his shitty Batman movies. The Dark Knight sucks! Inception is balls too).

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