OK, been on a semi-consistent Shaw Bros. kick over the last few months and figured a thread was in order just to sort of jot down some points as I make my way through whatever discs land at the door.

Last night?

Virgins Of The 7 Seas, aka The Bod Squad.

A full review is in the works but for the sake of breivity, this one is a blast. 5 women, only three of whom are virgins, are kidnapped by Chinese pirates and sold into white slavery. Thankfully a pretty Chinese lady and her brother (who looks like Wang Yu from One Armed Swordsman, only with both arms) are on hand to help them out. After the obligatory training sequence, the girls are ready to fit and proceed to run around with their boobs out spitting olive pits into the faces and asses of would be rapists, some of whom are dressed like ninjas.

Co-directed by Ernst Hofbrauer of the Schoolgirl Report movies and Kuei Chih-Hung of Bamboo House Of Dolls, this is a trash film of the highest order.

This movie also includes:
-ass smothering
-ass through the wall acrobatics
-bizarre training in the ways of the Chinese sexual arts
-lots of sideburns
-random oceanside frolicing in the nude
-Morricone esque soundtrack

And more!

Good stuff.