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Thread: The Random Shaw Brothers Viewing Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Jane View Post
    Pretty sure those are just repacks of the WVG blus which are cheaper by a few euros to begin with and still available.

    The next in the Asia Line series is the Indo/Taiwanese joint production, THE GHOSTLY FACE for all the Polly Shang-kuan fans. Unfortunately looks to be German only which is a shame since it includes Wu Ma's DEAF MUTE HEROINE as a bonus.

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    A couple more Shaw's on Blu Ray from Koch media due soon. THE CHAMPION & THE KID WITH A TATTOO.

    upload url image

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    Definetly looking forward to The Champion. I love the bashers

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    Quote Originally Posted by 47lab View Post
    According to spannick, more German blu ray titles from Koch media are on the way.

    The Black Hill Pictures blu rays (dvd editions are also available) of MAGNIFICENT RUFFIANS and HEROES SHED NO TEARS are currently listed on Amazon Germany for pre-order but there was a question if it will be English friendly. But it's been confirmed by spannick that these will indeed come with English subtitles.
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    A couple more Asia Line Shroder Media dvds on the way. #21 is THE DEVIL'S SWORD (Der Herr der Krokodile). The Indonesian flick starring Barry Prima. I believe the Mondo Macabro dvd is OOP but it's still easy to find on the used market for a decent price.

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    #22 is is THE BLACK PANTHER (Chen Sing Die Faust im Genick). This has been out on that Neu label with English dub. So don't know if this is the same transfer or not? The bonus film is KUNG FU HEADCRUSHER aka TOUGH GUY starring Chen Sing.

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    TVP sent out an update on the 2 disc blu ray mediabook release of THE RETURN OF THE ONE ARMED SWORDSMAN. Looks like it's on schedule for an October release and they mentioned one of the extras will be an interview with Australian stuntman, actor, director Troy Sanford.

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    Dark Force Entertainment/Code Red is releasing #7 in their Drive In series on blu ray with the main feature, THE LONERS and the second billing is the Taiwanese martial arts flick, DRAGON VS NEEDLES OF DEATH aka NEEDLE AVENGER. First 300 copies go on sale this weekend.


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    Schroder Media Asia Line continues with 3 more upcoming titles. The first is #23 CANTONEN IRON KUNG FU aka CANTON IRON KUNG FU with Beardy. This had a previous German release on CMV under the title Die Blutigen Krallen des Leoparden.

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    #24 is KAMPF BIS ZUM TOD aka STRUGGLE THROUGH DEATH with John Liu. This had a previous German dvd release under the DRAGON FIGHTER title aka Der Superfuß der Shaolin.

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    #25 is DIE HENKER DER SHAOLIN aka SUPERIOR YOUNGSTER. This also had a previous German dvd release under the title Ling Fu - Der Karate-Killer des Todes.

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    The release date for the TVP 2 disc mediabook blu ray of RETURN OF THE ONE ARMED SWORDSMAN is Dec 2nd. The specs originally stated English dub in addition to the original Mandarin & German audio options but it has since been deleted. Amazon Germany also had a placeholder which stated English audio but it has also been taken down.

    TVP also shared a short before and after video clip of the restoration work going into the GOLDEN MASK.

    According to spannick at KFF, the next two Shaw blu ray releases should be a couple more Chang Cheh flicks in THE DAREDEVILS (1979) & POLICE FORCE (1973).

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