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Thread: If the U.S. remade "A Serbian Film..."

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    If the U.S. remade "A Serbian Film..."

    Who would be a fitting director? I was thinking David Fincher perhaps. Could be interesting.

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    Wouldn't happen. The studio (except maybe Lionsgate or Millennium Pictures or Anchor Bay/Starz) would keep the basic concept but certainly not go as far as the original. And if A Serbian Film doesn't take place in Serbia than what's the point?
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    It could be called "An American Film" and address a different topic: The whole snuff-online-murder-video-as-entertainment thing that is somewhat popular among the f'd up in the states.

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    But I'm sure it would be a tamer rendering. Still, the director could show less and up the disturbing factor, if he or she were adept.

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    Disney's "A Serbian Tale". Gawd that's so wrong!!

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    It'll be shit like 99.99% of most US remakes.

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