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Thread: Ballyhoo! The Awesome Movie Promotion Thread

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    Crikey..would like to see them try THAT promotion today....

    ROTH could try something similar when he releases GREEN INFERNO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Jane View Post
    Holy shit, this is terrible. haha.
    Oh man... Recently in Australia we had the stage version of King Kong open in Melbourne. Huge mega budget show. Radio commentator was talking about publicity for it and said: "Do you reckon they'll get Adam Goodes (famous aboriginal Aussie rules player) down to publicise it?" There was silence for a few seconds while everyone wondered whether he'd really just compared an Aboriginal with King Kong and then a massive shit storm of ugly publicity that took a good 4 weeks or more to blow itself out.

    But just to prove that people do still do cool advertising- just not for films- the producers of the show did hang the leading lady out a window the tallest tower in the southern hemisphere.Name:  264529_525323120865058_740601050_n.jpg
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    That actress in the KONG hand is real??..Looks shopped to me!

    LOL at the Freudian slip that radio commentator made..Hearing major F*** up moments like these can add so much joy to my life......

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    Well its actually a stunt woman rather than the actress buts it real. Saw it from my own window. There's a heap of shots on Google images if you Google. Eureka and kin kong.

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    That is mad!!!

    But how was the show???

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    Very expensive so I wouldn't know.

    William Castle was the king of this shit. When did you last see a movie in "Illusion-O"?

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    When Universal Studios opened the King Kong ride they did this on Santa Monica beach. Kind of a cool publicity stunt...

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    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    Jack J. posted this rad picture of a Danish cinema on FB. I'm stealing it and posting it here, to save it for posterity's sake. Kinda rad to see a movie house go all out for Ilsa like that...

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