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Thread: Paul Schrader's Hardcore

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    Paul Schrader's Hardcore

    Watched this again yesterday, hadn't seen it in years. For some reason my mind had me convinced that it took place in NYC when it takes place in California but aside from that I remembered most of it. It's amusing seeing George C. Scott strutting around the seedy side of town decked out in such fly outfits and I had to laugh when he put on the moustache and wig but otherwise this one still plays pretty well. Some great atmosphere and locations and a cool cast. A good score too.

    The scene where the Slave Of Love short plays in front of him for the first time while Boyle's character sort of just stays out of the way still packs a good punch.

    The DVD is out of print. This could use an HD upgrade.

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    I watched it again earlier this summer myself. It holds up pretty well I think, it's actually become a favorite of mine over the years, and yeah, that Slave Of Love scene is still very effective. I dig the wintry atmosphere setting of Scott's hometown too, there's already a sense of bleakness even before he makes the trip to California. Season Hubley is very good in this I think, she should have been a bigger star.
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    Picked this up for a whopping $4 bucks at a thrift store recently. Score!

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    I haven't seen it in years but it's a damn good film and a great debut by Schrader. I remember first reading about it in Killing For Culture and being immediately intrigued.
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    I haven't seen this in probably a decade, but it's a superb film and I'd love to see it in HD, like you said, Ian. (I'd love to see Schrader's BLUE COLLAR and LIGHT SLEEPER hit Blu soon too.)
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