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INTERVIEW: JEANNOT SZWARC It was sink or swim when he took over the helm of the troubled “Jaws 2.” Plus: shark survivor Donna Wilkes.

PHOTO FEATURE: “ZOMBIE” Actor Ian McCulloch flashes back to a memorable day on the Lucio Fulci favorite.

FEATURE: “OMNIVORES” People-eating goes upscale in a FANGORIA Presents release from Spain’s Óscar Rojo.

INTERVIEW: LAMBERTO BAVA The “Demons” director’s career represents several chapters of a great Italian filmmaking-family story.

PREVIEW: “OLDBOY” Updating the Korean confinement classic, screenwriter Mark Protosevich never felt boxed in.

INTERVIEW: NICOLAS GESSNER He helped Jodie Foster keep scary secrets as he guided “The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane.”

INTERVIEW: ROGER CORMAN As producer, he made ’em cheap; as director, he made ’em classics. Plus: an exclusive Corman photo poster!

INTERVIEW: JULIE CORMAN She has a long filmography of her own, and shares memories of its highlights.

RETROSPECTIVE: “THE BRAIN” A first-hand account of the film that brought together David Gale and a sinister cerebrum.

PREVIEW: “AMERICAN HORROR STORY” Relocating to New Orleans, the hit show introduces a whole troupe of black magic women.

INTERVIEW: SAMANTHA MATHIS As Alice Calvert, she’s unable to escape Stephen King’s “Under the Dome.”

INTERVIEW: EDUARDO RODRIGUEZ His mission with “Fright Night 2”: put a new spin on vampiric horror/comedy.

ON SET: “HELLBENDERS” These renegade priests may be battling Satan, but they’re no saints.

PREVIEW: “TOAD ROAD” The award-winning rural creepfest mines fresh fear amidst bad behavior.

INTERVIEW: ISABEL PEPPARD Her stop-motion worlds are rife with psychological disturbance.

MINIFEATURE: CHUCK PALAHNIUK The author continues his “Damned” odyssey in “Doomed.”

MINIFEATURE: CHARLES ADLARD “The Walking Dead” continue to stalk the page via his illustrations.

INTERVIEW: RUSS COCHRAN EC Comics will never die if the publisher of their “Archives” has any say in it.


FIRST RITES Corman University lives!

POSTAL ZONE Franco and “Frankenstein” favored

MONSTER INVASION Previews of NBC’s “Dracula,” “Discopath” and “Chastity Bites”

THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Reviews of the new “Halloween” Blu-ray, “Corruption,” “Prince of Darkness,” “The Haunting of Helena” and others

NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of Chris Nashawaty’s “Crab Monsters, Teenage Cavemen, and Candy Stripe Nurses” and Nate Kenyon’s “Day One”

SOUND SHOCK The “bloodgrass” of Angry Johnny and the Killbillies

COMIC CASKET TSR’s “comics module” “R.I.P.”

DUMP BIN DIARIES Pop Flix’s “Deadly Fiends Collection”