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Thread: The Fangoria Thread

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    The Fangoria Thread

    Nice to see the guy get some love.

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    INTERVIEW: JEANNOT SZWARC It was sink or swim when he took over the helm of the troubled “Jaws 2.” Plus: shark survivor Donna Wilkes.

    PHOTO FEATURE: “ZOMBIE” Actor Ian McCulloch flashes back to a memorable day on the Lucio Fulci favorite.

    FEATURE: “OMNIVORES” People-eating goes upscale in a FANGORIA Presents release from Spain’s Óscar Rojo.

    INTERVIEW: LAMBERTO BAVA The “Demons” director’s career represents several chapters of a great Italian filmmaking-family story.

    PREVIEW: “OLDBOY” Updating the Korean confinement classic, screenwriter Mark Protosevich never felt boxed in.

    INTERVIEW: NICOLAS GESSNER He helped Jodie Foster keep scary secrets as he guided “The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane.”

    INTERVIEW: ROGER CORMAN As producer, he made ’em cheap; as director, he made ’em classics. Plus: an exclusive Corman photo poster!

    INTERVIEW: JULIE CORMAN She has a long filmography of her own, and shares memories of its highlights.

    RETROSPECTIVE: “THE BRAIN” A first-hand account of the film that brought together David Gale and a sinister cerebrum.

    PREVIEW: “AMERICAN HORROR STORY” Relocating to New Orleans, the hit show introduces a whole troupe of black magic women.

    INTERVIEW: SAMANTHA MATHIS As Alice Calvert, she’s unable to escape Stephen King’s “Under the Dome.”

    INTERVIEW: EDUARDO RODRIGUEZ His mission with “Fright Night 2”: put a new spin on vampiric horror/comedy.

    ON SET: “HELLBENDERS” These renegade priests may be battling Satan, but they’re no saints.

    PREVIEW: “TOAD ROAD” The award-winning rural creepfest mines fresh fear amidst bad behavior.

    INTERVIEW: ISABEL PEPPARD Her stop-motion worlds are rife with psychological disturbance.

    MINIFEATURE: CHUCK PALAHNIUK The author continues his “Damned” odyssey in “Doomed.”

    MINIFEATURE: CHARLES ADLARD “The Walking Dead” continue to stalk the page via his illustrations.

    INTERVIEW: RUSS COCHRAN EC Comics will never die if the publisher of their “Archives” has any say in it.


    FIRST RITES Corman University lives!

    POSTAL ZONE Franco and “Frankenstein” favored

    MONSTER INVASION Previews of NBC’s “Dracula,” “Discopath” and “Chastity Bites”

    THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Reviews of the new “Halloween” Blu-ray, “Corruption,” “Prince of Darkness,” “The Haunting of Helena” and others

    NIGHTMARE LIBRARY Reviews of Chris Nashawaty’s “Crab Monsters, Teenage Cavemen, and Candy Stripe Nurses” and Nate Kenyon’s “Day One”

    SOUND SHOCK The “bloodgrass” of Angry Johnny and the Killbillies

    COMIC CASKET TSR’s “comics module” “R.I.P.”

    DUMP BIN DIARIES Pop Flix’s “Deadly Fiends Collection”
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    FANGORIA is pleased as putrid punch to announce the mother of all creepy collaborations: a massively cool partnership between America’s favorite horror magazine and the nation’s best-selling retro-horror boutique home-video imprint, Scream Factory.

    Coming this summer is a glorious, limited-edition FANGORIA Presents: SCREAM FACTORY special issue (see the cover below), a complete A-Z essay compendium spotlighting every classic and cult horror film currently offered by the celebrated label, penned by FANGORIA staffers and supported by in-depth interviews and acres of rare, full-color photos. This glossy love letter will be printed on heavier paper stock and sold only via specialty newsstands and at

    “The team here at Scream Factory is honored to be working on such an in-depth and fun project with FANGORIA,” say Scream Factory brain trusts Cliff MacMillan and Jeff Nelson. “Since many of our releases are films we grew up on and that appeared in Fango in the past, this special edition is a surreal full-circle moment for us, and we hope for our fans as well.”

    Fango editor Chris Alexander concurs: “Scream Factory has created a name for itself not just for delivering beautiful releases of classic titles like DAY OF THE DEAD, THE HOWLING, NIGHT OF THE DEMONS and HALLOWEEN II, but in rolling out the red carpet for lesser-loved gems like THE ISLAND, PSYCHO III, THE HORROR SHOW and DIE, MONSTER, DIE! This magazine offers an opportunity for our staff to rhapsodize over this wealth of genre goodness while also uniting our collective fan bases. We’re having a blast making this thing, and we’re sure you’ll have a blast reading it.”

    FANGORIA Presents: SCREAM FACTORY will be on sale in late August; keep checking back here for more updates as we get them.

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    This cover is yet another reminder of how much I can't wait for Phantom of the Paradise this August. Needs more werewolves though. That Howling Blu is essential.
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    Cover and contents for issue #333.

    INTERVIEW: JIM JARMUSCH The veteran poet of cinematic cool expresses his passion for vampires in “Only Lovers Left Alive.”

    INTERVIEW: TILDA SWINTON It took a one-of-a-kind actress to breathe new eternal life into her “Only Lovers” bloodsucker.

    INTERVIEW: JOHN POGUE He ventured across the pond to helm the Hammer production “The Quiet Ones” on the studio’s home turf. Plus: star Jared Harris speaks up.

    PREVIEW: “PENNY DREADFUL” Victorian London plays host to classic creatures; can transplanted American Josh Hartnett cope?

    PREVIEW: “THE SACRAMENT” Ti West leaves devils and ghosts behind to find the horror in religious manipulation.

    INTERVIEW: HUH JUNG “Hide and Seek” allows the Korean director to reveal what spooks his fellow citizens.

    PREVIEW: “BLUE RUIN” The way Jeremy Saulnier’s intense thriller presents it, payback is a bitch for both sides.

    ON SET: “GODZILLA” Fango tours the badly battered locations of Gareth Edwards’ monster remake. Plus: reviews of classic Big G films on new Blu-rays!

    PREVIEW: “THE MACHINE” It looks like a lady and tries to act like a human in Caradog W. James’ near-future opus.

    PREVIEW: “MALIGNANT” The protagonist of Brian Avenet-Bradley’s latest indie chiller finds Brad Dourif literally messing with his head.

    INTERVIEW: RANDY JURGENSEN The former policeman’s input made William Friedkin’s “Cruising” all the more arresting.

    PREVIEW: “MR. JONES” Pry too deeply into his secrets, and you’ll suffer for his art in Karl Mueller’s surreal flick.

    DIARY OF THE DEB: “BILLY’S CULT” On this New Jersey set, the terror would begin after Debbie wrapped for the day.

    ON SET: “WOLF CREEK 2” Some people call tourists annoying; the villain of Greg McLean’s sequel calls them targets.

    PREVIEW: “ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE” Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson rework their formative first feature as a meatier, bloodier project.

    INTERVIEW: SCOTT SNYDER The comics writer is far from done telling the century-spanning saga of the “American Vampire.”

    INTERVIEW: TOM SPINA When you want a screen creature to look its best/worst again, he’s the man you call.


    FIRST RITES Growing up with Godzilla

    POSTAL ZONE Bill Moseley says hi! Plus: remembering GWAR’s David Brockie

    MONSTER INVASION Preview of “Cold in July,” and the 2014 Chainsaw Awards results!

    TRASH COMPACTOR David A. Prior talks “Killer Workout”

    THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Reviews of “Ms. 45,” “The Visitor,” “Dead Shadows,” “Daddy’s Little Girl” and others

    DUMP BIN DIARIES Columbia River’s “Psychopaths and Maniacs”

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    Kinda-sorta a throwback to the first issue.

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    Details on issue #334...

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    PICTORIAL: FANGO AT TEXAS FRIGHTMARE WEEKEND Our mag mavens mingled with gruesome guests and fevered fans.

    PREVIEW: “THE PURGE: ANARCHY” Writer/director James DeMonaco paints a bigger canvas red in the violent sequel.

    ON SET: “DELIVER US FROM EVIL” Investigate exorcisms with a real-life detective in the latest from Scott (“Sinister”) Derrickson. Plus: How to “Deliver” demonic makeup FX.

    PREVIEW: “WRATH OF THE CROWS” With filmmaker Ivan Zuccon in charge, being imprisoned with Debbie Rochon and Tiffany Shepis is a bleak prospect.

    PREVIEW: “THE JUNGLE” The search for a rare species puts humans on the endangered list in Andrew Traucki’s mood piece.

    MAKEUP FX LAB: “ANIMAL” Gary J. Tunnicliffe made sure the Chiller film’s threat was unmistakably unfriendly.

    INTERVIEW: POLLYANNA McINTOSH Savage yet sympathetic in “The Woman,” the actress brings different shadings to “Love Eternal” et al.

    FEATURE: SHEILA KEITH, PART ONE How could such a kindly-looking woman be so cruel? Find out as we look back at the Brit actress’ career in fright.

    INTERVIEW: WERNER HERZOG There’s no arguing that the German auteur’s “Nosferatu” is a remake that got it right. Plus: Herzog goes burlesque!

    MINIFEATURE: “VAMPYRES” Sexy suckers stalk male prey anew, this time in Spain for director Víctor Matellano.

    PREVIEW: “CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO” Skin is bared and flesh is eaten as Kaare Andrews brings the disease to the islands.

    PREVIEW: “THE HUMAN RACE” It has one winner and 79 dead losers in Paul Hough’s grueling competition shocker.

    INTERVIEW: BENTLEY LITTLE Eschewing social media, he wins raves for novels about antisocial establishments and individuals.

    MINIFEATURE: JOSHUA HOFFINE Turning from frightful photography to moving pictures, he sings a “Black Lullaby.”

    PREVIEW: “MY FAIR ZOMBIE” Etiquette becomes eat-iquette in Brett Kelly’s twist on the classic musical.

    INTERVIEW: ORVILLE STOEBER The multitalented music man said yes to the offer, “Let’s score ‘Jessica to Death.’ ”

    PREVIEW: “WILLOW CREEK” Bobcat Goldthwait put on a straight face to tell a documentary-style Bigfoot tale.


    FIRST RITES The romance of “Nosferatu”

    POSTAL ZONE Readers slip us some opinions on “Skin”

    MONSTER INVASION Previews of “The Signal” and “Joy Ride 3: Road Kill”

    THE VIDEO EYE OF DR. CYCLOPS Reviews of Dan Curtis’ “Dracula,” “Sleepaway Camp,” “Countess Dracula,” “Almost Human” and others
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    Nice to see Ivan Zuccon get some coverage, one current genre director that gets it right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rat's Eyes View Post
    Nice to see Ivan Zuccon get some coverage, one current genre director that gets it right.
    Never heard of this guy...but after reading the post above decided to do a bit of reading up on him......and now I am interested in checking out his flicks...even thought he "SOV moniker is making me a bit wary....

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    Quote Originally Posted by sukebanboy View Post
    Never heard of this guy...but after reading the post above decided to do a bit of reading up on him......and now I am interested in checking out his flicks...even thought he "SOV moniker is making me a bit wary....
    Don't let the SOV aspect of his work worry you. For the most part he manages to sidestep all the shortcomings normally associated with the medium. There are exceptions of course which is to be expected considering the low budgets he works with but again he makes the absolute most out of what he's got at his disposal. Defiantly check out his 2007 film Nympha starring Tiffany Shepis. Its a modern nunsploitaion effort that get this, isn't another lame derivative, "retro" film but its own thing and Shepis kills it, easily her best performance. Also Colour from the Dark (2008) is well worth checking out featuring a fantastic performance from Debbie Rochon and loads of Lovecraftian atmosphere.
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    Thanks for those recommendations...will try to get hold of NYMPHA asap and check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sukebanboy View Post
    Thanks for those recommendations...will try to get hold of NYMPHA asap and check it out.
    Fantastic. I think you'll find plenty to appreciate if you're willing to forgive some of its shortcomings in the budget department. Obviously with Zuccon being Italian there are some nods to Bava and Argento but he's clearly studied other masters like Borowczyk and Rollin.
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