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Thread: Synapse Films Releasing Argento's Suspiria

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    Synapse Films Releasing Argento's Suspiria

    Just announced!



    ROMULUS, MI – Synapse Films, Inc. has acquired the North American home-video rights to the 1977 classic horror film SUSPIRIA, directed by Italian horror master Dario Argento. Described as “one of the scariest films of all time” by Entertainment Weekly, SUSPIRIA stars the beautiful Jessica Harper as a young girl caught up in a coven of witches controlling a German dance academy.

    “I’ve been involved in the restoration and release of many films in my career, but SUSPIRIA has always eluded me, until now,” says Donald May, Jr., President of Synapse Films. “It’s one of my favorite horror films and I’m ecstatic that my business partner, Jerry Chandler, was able to negotiate with the rights holders to release this film. This is going to be an amazing project for us.”

    Synapse Films, Inc. will work closely with Technicolor Rome and Technicolor Los Angeles to create an all-new high-definition 2K scan from the original negative for a possible 2014-15 video release. “It’s important to spend as much time as possible to create the definitive high-definition home video version for the fans,” May explains. “We’re going to take our time with this one.”

    Synapse Films, Inc. is currently planning the extensive work on SUSPIRIA in conjunction with Technicolor, utilizing both their Rome and Hollywood facilities. The film scanning will be coordinated and supervised by Technicolor Hollywood’s Director of Restoration Services, Tom Burton, whose film restoration credits include Ridley Scott’s BLADE RUNNER, Georges Méliès’ A TRIP TO THE MOON and BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S.

    Final specifications, retail pricing, and extras for the Synapse Films release of SUSPIRIA will be announced closer to the as yet to be determined release date.
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    Everything about this is awesome. I saw SUSPIRIA on the big screen a while back and they used the current resto as the source. Man, the hot pink exterior of the dance studio is really hard on the eyeballs on the big screen.

    I've never really liked SUSPIRIA (despite really wanting to) so I'm looking forward to seeing a version that does justice to the visuals in the hopes that I change my mind.

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    Not my favourite Argento film (by a long shot), although it was the first one I really paid attention too (I'd previously seen BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE via the UK Stablecane VHS and the Palace Video release of CREEPERS/PHENOMENA before encountering SUSPIRIA via the EiV tape; I prefer the former film these days). SUSPIRIA seems to be the film that, for many, popped their Argento cherry: I think it's got a slightly elevated reputation because of this. However, despite owning the UK Blu I'll definitely be getting this Synapse disc. I'm trusting Synapse to 'do it right' and provide the last version of SUSPIRIA that I'll ever need to buy

    In some ways, the best digital release of SUSPRIA that I own is still the old UK DVD from Nouveaux: in the correct AR, with the original sound mix from the Image LaserDisc (although 2 channel rather than 4 channel), and without the overly 'hot' transfer that's circulated over the last few years. But it's frustratingly non-anamorphic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul L View Post
    Not my favourite Argento film (by a long shot), although it was the first one I really paid attention too... SUSPIRIA seems to be the film that, for many, popped their Argento cherry: I think it's got a slightly elevated reputation because of this.
    Right on both counts for me, not my favorite either but it was indeed the first one I saw (via Cinemax). I also agree it's got a perhaps inflated reputation. Don't get me wrong, the film was unlike anything I had seen up to that point and I liked it a lot - particularly those show-stopping opening murders (imo the film never returns to the intensity of this sequence). These days it's been talked about and written about so much I have a bit of a love/hate thing going on with it. I have no doubt I'll be tempted by this Synapse edition.
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    I wonder if a new master is really needed. Maybe Don will see the raw master and find it was never prepared right for the bd transfers. Then again, maybe he'll do it all new and own the sole rights for at least a year.

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    Suspira was not only the first Argento movie I remember seeing but the first Italian horror movie I remember seeing. A friend of mine at school rented it and told me about it the next day. After school we went over to his place and watched it right away, because the tape had to be back by six to avoid late fees. haha. At any rate, it obvioulsy made quite an impression on me. I'd seen Italian westerns before, plenty of them because my dad was a fan, but I don't recall having ever seen an Italian horror film before this one. It was so unlike anything I'd seen before (mostly old monster movies, slashers and zombie pictures) and it completely freaked me out.

    I've got that UK Blu-ray, but it leaves a lot of room for improvement. After seeing what Synapse did with Demons, I expect them to knock this out of the park.
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    It's not a favorite of mine (I prefer Inferno) but I'm happy to see Synapse do well and I trust Don can do this title real justice.

    Will Lustig... I love what you've done for cult films on DVD and I also love Vigilante and to a degree Maniac but you fucked up Suspiria's sound mixing pretty bad.
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    I disagree its over rated. Its still an unparrelled visual/aural extravaganza. I think we're all just massivly over familiar with it. Familiarity breeds contempt and all that. But a 2k scan when Ewan McGregor is on TV every day telling me I need a 4k ultra HD TV?
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    It'll be a cost thing. Most of Criterion's restorations are done in 2k as well. 4k seems to be one of those things that only the major studios can afford. And bollocks to 4k TVs, most recent blockbusters are only finished in 2k to begin with. Just give us a less compressed 1080p.

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