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Thread: Synapse Films Releasing Argento's Suspiria

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    The following images are some basic comparison shots between the recently released 2017 Italian Blu-ray of SUSPIRIA from Videa, and our version currently in the restoration stage (not all are the EXACT frame, but are within a few frames).

    The Videa Italian Blu-ray transfer is shown on top. Our upcoming restoration is at the bottom.

    We are posting these publicly without further comment.

    Our version will be released later in 2017.
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    I'm not familiar enough with the film to comment on which one looks more correct, but those are very different caps.

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    Just read about 10 pages of that thread, never happier to have the levelheaded folks at RSP more.

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    If those Synapse colors are wrong, I don't want to be right.

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    The Synapse look correct to me. The Italian release is too green

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    Basically, they just need to show these to Argento and let him decide. Even then that wouldn't satisfy some people. Never understood why people on certain other forums have to take sides on these matters like they're supporting a political party, any of these look better than the shitty vhs I first saw many years ago. If people prefer the look of one version over another then great. We all have settings on our TVs that we can tweak to get the desired personal effect. As to people who claim they saw a film on its first run and remember the exact look I am highly suspicious, and I doubt all prints over the world looked the same, there are so many factors at play that can be unique to each print/projector. Some of these armchair experts just need to shut the fuck up, they read a few editions of Video Watchdog and they think that they're Tim Lucas (only more arrogant). When watching films just becomes a technical exercise, they need to get a new hobby. Personally I just watch them for entertainment. I agree with Mark, thank Christ RSP isn't populated by zealots!
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    I think the Synapse images look better especially the couple that has light from a lamp. It looks like the light given off is what it'd look like in real life but I certainly have no idea if that's what Argento was going for. Gonna be alot of drama once its released!
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    Quote Originally Posted by agent999 View Post
    Basically, they just need to show these to Argento and let him decide.
    I remember an interview with Bill Lustig where he said Argento really doesn't have anything to do with the transfer process and that once he's done with post-production on a film, he's totally done with it and won't go back, even for DVD releases. He'll do interviews but that's about it. This was a few years ago so maybe he's changed his mind on such matters. But your right, people would still bitch.
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