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Thread: Michel Gondry's latest....

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    Michel Gondry's latest....

    is an animated documentary on noted linguist & political dissident, Noam Chomsky. I'm intrigued to see this. I've always been an admirer of Chomsky but only within the context of his critique of US foreign policy particularly the Middle East & Central America and I know next to nothing of his background as a linguist at MIT nor his personal life aside from what I've seen in his previous documentary, MANUFACTURING CONSENT. Seems this new documentary addresses some of those issues & isn't another outlet for Chomsky to just ruminate on his strident anti-Zionist political views. On a side note, I recently watched the documentary, AN AMERICAN RADICAL: THE TRIALS OF NORMAN FINKELSTEIN & that was fascinating as well. I highly recommend that one.

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    I like Chomsky and Gondry too. Looking forward to it.

    Ooops! I thought I was answering to a new thread, but it was apparently a strange bug that showedreally old ones on the first page. Soooo, anybody seen this yet?
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