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Thread: Gasper Noe

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    I love Angst. You can definitely see where Noe got his inspiration.

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    I have IRREVERSIBLE on dvd and its the best film with a reverse storyline
    Good acting especially from one of the best looking actresses ever Monica Bellucci

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    Eight years later and two more movies. I thought Love was horrible. I enjoyed the second half of Climax.

    And still no English-friendly blus of Stand or Irreversible.

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    Irreversible wrapped up in a fancier package? The film is still very good
    ISOYG is a far better film in my opinion
    But I really like the sequels as well

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    Noé recut Irreversible to play in chronological order. It's doing the festival rounds.

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    I would like a blu-ray with Irreversible, Carne, & I Stand Alone.

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