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Thread: Tarantino's New Western Is THE HATEFUL EIGHT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zane C. View Post
    Sounds like I'm one of the few holdouts that still enjoys Tarantino's work! I'll be seeing this as soon as possible. Yeah, QT is annoying to listen to, yeah, he thinks he's God's Gift to filmmaking, and yeah, people have grown sort of tired of him. But did anyone else catch, in the trailer, what looked to be references to stuff like THE THING, THE GREAT SILENCE, and CUTTHROATS NINE? Knowing that QT is just as big a film fan as all of us and that he's created another western (with a wintery setting), complete with a Morricone score has me really, really digging where he's going with this.

    Slightly off topic, but is my memory correct in remembering QT saying he was making ten films, then that was it? Or was this him flapping his gums again?
    He did say that, but was probably just flapping his gums.
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    I like Tarantino a lot and liked The Hateful Eight I think. Still having a hard time wrapping my head around it. Not his best movie by any stretch, but possibly more interesting as a result?

    I was a little surprised on how grisly and bleak the violence was. Tone was largely Cutthroats Nine and it seemed to have as many horror touchstones as western.

    Most of what people dislike about Tarantino is here in full force right alongside what people like about him.

    I'm surprised there hasn't been more outrage about the misogyny. This struck me as being closer to the spirit of actual exploitation/grindhouse than his previous looking-backwards-pop cinema celebrations of it.

    Visually the direction is tight and assured, maybe even masterful. It would more be the dialogue/screenplay that is somehow both undercooked and overbaked.

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    I saw it today. Overall, I thought it was solid. Nice atmosphere, fine cinematography, and mighty good acting. The violence is definitely NC-17 level. If you are a fan of bloody, nihilistic westerns, I would recommend it.

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    None of the theaters in my city will get the 70mm version so I'll check it out when it hits bd. I haven't liked anything from QT since the Kill Bill films.

    I saw an interview with him conducted by Dan Rather. QT thinks he has a gift for dialogue & I've always thought that his dialogue is what ruins most of his films.

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    I saw the 70mm last week and had a really good time. I'm considering going again before it finishes the run. I didn't really think much of it as a movie, but it was a lot of fun as an event. The overture was actually my favorite part. It set such a great mood but the film really couldn't live up to it. Great music throughout though. I was really stoked hearing Regan's Theme from Exorcist II and Now You're All Alone from LHOTL (though the latter wasn't really used well, it was still cool that it showed up). The printed programs were a really nice touch too.

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    I ended up liking this a lot more than I expected to. Perhaps his best film since Jackie Brown? I thought it was much better paced than most of his post-Kill Bill Part 1 films. For once his treatment of race felt controlled and purposeful as opposed to the mess of Django Unchained and IB.

    Still not sure why he feels that male-on-male rape is something he needs to joke about, he seems really uncomfortable with the subject and so tries to make it 'funny' but perhaps I'm detecting humour where it wasn't intended. I think that scene and some of the gore splatter wasn't really appropriate for this film but that he may feel the need to include it to play to his reputation and the expectations of his bro-ish fanbase.

    Do agree that there does seem to be a rather unfathomable streak of misogyny at the end, not sure why there is so much sadism visited upon a character who (perhaps?) hasn't done anything worse than anyone else in the film to particularly deserve it. Perhaps just more shit-stirring on Tarantino's part though.

    But the score is great, watching the actors work together is very enjoyable and as I said I think this is his strongest film when it comes to dealing with race. A fair bit to chew on overall.

    Oh, and there are definitely references here to The Great Silence, The Thing and all things John Ford, including Kurt Russell's Wayne-ish cadences.

    One left-field reference is naming Michael Madsen's character after Tim Kincaid's gay porn nom de plume.
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    I'm hoping QT's next film will have a character named Christopher Rage.

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    I saw it. I liked it. Didn't love it, but it was good. Again, Tarantino needs an editor. Some cool ideas in here, but I don't think he has the talent or attention span to make the grandscale epic he's been trying for.

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    I saw it in 70mm and liked it but agree that it has issues. I guess pacing is the biggest one. It felt a lot like RESERVOIR DOGS to me, taking place mostly in a single room. Regardless of the genre QT's movie feel like their own genre and as such this didn't feel very westerny to me. The gore is almost EVIL DEAD level towards the end. I still haven't seen IG, QT fell out of favor for me after KILL BILLs, but I liked this better than both of those and DJANGO. Agree that I liked it better as an experience than as a singular film.

    It's too bad more of it didn't take place outside in the elements.
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    I mostly liked this but damn, he really needs to edit himself. The pace did falter at times and it was a very long-winded film for sure. Great cast though - and I loved the several nods to Carpenter's THE THING in this, and it even uses some music from that film. Morricone's original score was good but it wasn't present all that much. You could definitely see the influence of SHOOT THE LIVING AND PRAY FOR THE DEAD (one of Tarantino's favorite spaghetti westerns) in the setting and slowly building tension. I liked this better than IB or DJANGO for sure but I also seriously doubt I will ever watch it again. Actually, none of his films aside from JACKIE BROWN have rewatch value for me.
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