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Thread: Filipino Zombie Movie - Zombie Island

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    Filipino Zombie Movie - Zombie Island

    "Romy and Peewee are teenage orphans with an unusual job - they loot the cemeteries and steal precious belongings from the dead. The villagers fed up with their disrespect for the dead offer a hefty reward for their capture. Desperate to flee town, the two sail off to a desolate island only to encounter a greater foe -- a swarm of zombie pirates. The pirates were originally hired by an American scientist, William Seabrook, to kidnap the descendents of the island's natives to help him read ancient scripture and find a mysterious meteorite. With their greedy nature, the pirates stole the meteorite from Seabrook thinking it was something of value. That is, until they were all infected by the contagious alien virus inside the meteorite. Romy and Peewee, along with the only survivor of the descendents, are now trapped on the island full of flesh-eating zombie pirates! They must use their wits to battle the zombies and find a way off the zombie island alive."

    No release date or news that I've seen so far.
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    This is probably the first Filipino zombie flick actually shot by Filipino's.
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    Looks interesting. I will have to track down a copy of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex K. View Post
    This is probably the first Filipino zombie flick actually shot by Filipino's.
    What about "Zombadings"?

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