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Thread: RIP Dick Ayers

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    RIP Dick Ayers

    We're really losing the comics giants too often here lately. News has gotten around that Dick Ayers passed Sunday, May 4. Never as highly regarded as Kirby et all, yet to me he was just as cool and important. In some ways I even loved his art more, and as an inker he was amazing. I've read way too many stories about people like him sitting alone and unnoticed at conventions while fans lined up for hours for the latest "hot" artist. Very depressing. 90 years old is a nice run though and lots of the old school fans remember and respect you. RIP, sir.
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    Damn, 2014 has been very unkind so far.

    I might him at a convention years back and he was very nice. His Sgt. Fury stuff was pretty great.

    90 is a good run though.
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    Yeah...shitty news...but 90 is a pretty good innings!!

    Kinda sucks these days that the people we grew up with all seem to be dropping like flies....but everyone gets older...we just dont realise that the artists/actors/ writers etc we loved like 20 - 30 years ago when we were young have gotten older too....90 though man...he definitely got his moneys worth!!!

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