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    Movie Going Madness in Japan

    The Silly Swede inspired me to steal his idea and do something similar thread. However, I will expand the concept a little bit. I will recycle some of the stuff that I may have posted elsewhere before, but I’ll also try to add new things especially in the future. The plan is to post about the following topics:

    1) Cinema Adventures in Japan
    2) Film Festival Madness in Japan
    3) Theatre Introductions

    I'm gonna dump quite a bit of content for starters but don't panic, I will slow down after that. I just want to cover a few things before I'm off to Tokyo on Friday.

    For starters, here’s my list of recommended movie theatres in Tokyo in case you ever visit the great city:

    Classics and Genre Films
    Laputa Asagaya (JP movie retros only, late show often with genre flicks. All 35 mm or 16 mm. The best cinema in Tokyo!!!!)
    Cinema Vera (various retros from pinky violence to silent films. 35mm)
    National Film Center (retrospectives on classics, 35mm)
    Jinbocho (retros from Ozu to Godzilla and Seijun Suzuki. 35mm)
    Shin bungeiza (from new films to old genre films. Usually 35mm. All nighters often feature BD screenings, beware!!!)
    Art Center (classics, 35mm).
    Porepore (indie, arthouse, some times old films on 35mm)
    Kineka Omori (otherwise mainstream, but interesting weekly double features, e.g Tsukamoto flicks on 35mm)
    Meguro Cinema (plays 35mm prints of older films from time to time)
    Cine Roman (pink theater, sometimes roman porno included)

    Indie, Arthouse, New Genre Films, Occasional Classics
    Eurospace (arthouse, occasionally genre films. Roman Porno retros played here in 2012! JP + foreign)
    K's Cinema (new arthouse films)
    Uplink Factory (indie, arthouse, docs)
    Image forum
    Human Trust Shibuya (new films, inc. genre films)

    Mainstream Cinemas That Sometimes Have Genre, Indie or Classic Films
    Cinema Rosa
    Kamata (usually latest hits, occasionally old films on 35mm, like Red Peony Gambler)
    Cinema Avenue
    Waseda Shochiku
    Shinjuku musashino
    Ginrei Hall
    Shinjuku Cinemart
    Roppongi Cinemart

    Theater N (genre films, old and new)
    Ginza Cine Pathos (genre films, Steven Seagal flicks etc.)
    Shinbashi bunka (mainstream + pink cinema. See Roman Gekijo section. Roman Porno's frequently. All 35 mm)
    Auditorium Shibuya (indie)
    Baus Theater (closing soon, R.I.P)
    Cinema Rise

    For an excellent resource on cinemas in Tokyo area that show non-mainstream films and old movies, see this great Japanese website.
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