A lot of the DTV/STV action films being made at the moment don't seem to get released outside the US, so I'm having a hard time keeping up with the ones to watch and import. (In the mid-2000s, we had a glut of them, most of them distributed by Sony via their short lived 'Fight Factory' line and shot in Eastern Europe.)

I'm just catching up with MAXIMUM CONVICTION with Steven 'Walks Like a (Fat) Man' Seagal and Steve 'Walks Like He Shat His Pants' Austin. I bought this one last year but didn't get round to watching it. I'll post more thoughts on the film once I've watched the whole thing.

What modern DTV/STV action films have you chaps been watching recently?

I know there have been some reasonably good DTV Westerns made over the last few years. Are any of those worth tracking down?