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Thread: Kung Fu Jungle (Donnie Yen, 2014)

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    Kung Fu Jungle (Donnie Yen, 2014)

    Silence of the Kung Fu Lambs?

    via kfcc

    Not sure why they named it Kung Fu Jungle... I thought it was a children's film...

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    Yeah, this looks kind of cool but not sure about that title. I bet if it gets a US release it gets retitled.
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    Final trailer here...

    Whenever a new Donnie Yen movie comes out.I always have hope it will be another great movie...but so often disappointed.....Hope this one is good...There is hope as the director is good!

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    Some reviews of this knocking around...

    Donnie himself actually only has two or three full-on action scenes. The villain of the piece, Wang Baoqiang, is involved in nearly every action sequence, and he doesn’t disappoint.
    almost every walk-on role or extra in this film is actually a cameo by various legends and luminaries of Hong Kong action cinema (hell, even look at the TV’s in the film, the films they show are always significant).
    The script, credited to at least four writers, is riddled with holes and fundamental lapses in logic that may have more discerning viewers screaming at the screen in outraged disbelief, but Kung Fu Jungle fulfils its promise of old-school entertainment so passionately and honestly, to pick apart its flaws almost feels cruel.
    Thankfully, Kung Fu Jungle sees Yen right his career trajectory and steer it precisely where it needs to go for the foreseeable future. Fast-paced, packed with action and firmly routed in Hong Kong's singular cinematic sensibility, Kung Fu Jungle is Donnie Yen's best film in years, and while far from perfect, should strike a welcome familiar chord with his fans and aficionados of Hong Kong Cinema everywhere - which is all he ever wanted anyway.

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    HK (English friendly) Blu-ray release slated for 12/23/14.

    Hopefully Well Go or someone else grabs this for domestic release.
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