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Thread: Evil Dead TV Series Announced - Ash Vs. The Evil Dead

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    Also just occured that Bruce Campbell should have been The Tick. I'm just rewatching the live series. Puddy seems like a great choice in theory but in reality he's awful. Show could have worked with Bruce.

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    Fun episode but I'm still not digging the sidekicks.

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  3. #73 long was episode 2....30 or 40 mins?

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    30 minutes. But a full 30 I think not one of those 22 minutes plus ads things. Flies by and feels right.

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    Just seen it.

    Pretty good alright...Lots stuffed into the 25 mins (without credits and the preview on the end).

    Would still love it to be longer though......can't get enough of Bruce...and he's on top form in this episode.

    It was WAY more gorier than I thought they would go too.....

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    Loved the second episode as well. I'm with Alex on the sidekicks.

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    Loved the nod to the original movies with the song the mother was singing.

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    Episode 3:

    Fun....but a bit of a 'filler' episode and a step back from the high octane energy of the first two...Some nice bits in it though..

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    I liked the introduction of Lucy Lawless' character. But I don't think a Deadite would crack after being tortured. I thought it was pretty clear that the Deadites were controlled by the "Evil" and the "Evil" was speaking through them. Anywho.

    I like the show but I can't help but feel like a movie would have been better. You can't convince me that Sam Raimi couldn't raise the money. The guy behind multiple films that made at least half a billion to a billion dollars couldn't raise maybe 30-40 million for an Evil Dead 4? Yeah right.

    I think Sam just doesn't like the franchise too much.

    Still not liking the sidekicks. Hope they die by the end of the season.

    The demon they summoned looked like something from Resident Evil. I did like Ash standing right in that fucker's face. That is a great bad ass Ash moment.
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    "Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness."

    Alejandro Jodorowsky

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