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Thread: The X-Rated Release Of Jess Franco's Demoniac / Exorcism - DVD/Blu-ray Combo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lalala76 View Post
    So This is my Summary

    Exorcism 100 Minutes directors cut dvd: Contains a scene where Vogel keeps Anna Hostage in an Room that is hardcore (the scene featured in Sexorcisms but with a different actress) This time its Romay. English dub. PQ decent.

    Exorcism Original version Blu-ray: Same cut as Redemptions I think. Pq is a lot more accessible, a little soft , much less scratches and print damage and overall a much better viewing experience than the Kino restoration. English dub. also features a 15 minute interview with Antonio Mayans in English.

    Demoniac 1980 version dvd: Like the US version Of Demoniac but most of the scenes are clothed and the violence isn't shown in detail. Interesting to watch but unfortunately no English dub or subs. PQ decent.

    Demoniac 1975 version dvd: Familiar to most but is the shorter, less explicit, more horror orientated version of Exorcism. Again decent enough PQ. The let down here is this also isn't English friendly.

    Sadist of Notre Dame- Would have been nice to have the Full version. Instead its 30 minutes of the scenes that were added. VHS quality but are English dub.

    Sexorcisme- Again would have been nice to have the full version but here we get 20 minutes of hardcore sequences that featured in the sexorcisme cut, all feature Romay. Nice to have being a Romay fan. PQ is pretty rough looking some scenes fair better than others.

    Other extras: trailers and a few other bits n pieces

    I'm really happy with this release. Overall its a great package just let down by a few things here and there, but the lack of the Demoniac cut being English friendly means that It kind of justifies keeping Redemption's release too.
    Thanks for the detailed review! I was hoping that the blu ray transfer would be better than the Redemption one and am glad to read it is. I will pick it up at some point.

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    Thanks for the info. Trying to figure out if this is worth the plunge. I haven't seen this yet but from other reports it seems there are scenes that were changed and / or switched .
    In the 100min directors cut the hardcors scene with Romay is taken from SEXORCISME. Then in the SEXORCISME bits and pieces, the 2 scenes where Franco performs oral sex have been replaced with another actor!
    A bit more info at Latarnia
    This is a weird little hodgepodge, but the fact that the main feature looks better than Redemption's is enough to make me think twice.

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    This is a weird little hodgepodge, but the fact that the main feature looks better than Redemption's is enough to make me think twice
    Yes it most definitely is, but Its not a miracle makeover. However, I am really happy that it is a big improvement.

    Its a great package and I'm glad I only paid about 25 euros for the cover I got (cover A) as this is now selling for a stupid price.

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    Can someone enlighten me as to the Secorcisme cut of this film, which I’ve never seen. Was the hardcore footage shot at the same time, using the same sets as the more familiar Exorcism footage? I’m really just trying to establish whether this variant was conceived at the time or constructed thereafter.

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    The hardcore footage was shot after the fact. According to Stephen Thrower's book Eurocine roped in another director to shoot some inserts to punch up the violence for the French release, which was then slapped with an X rating. Then they thought if it was going to be X rated it may as well be hardcore, so Franco agreed to shoot the extra hardcore material.

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    That’s really helpful. I don’t have Thrower’s book - I seem to recall it sold out quite quickly. I will pick up the reprint when it materialises through.

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    I recall that there may also be more than 1 version of sexorcismes along with the many versions of the non xxx version.

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