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Thread: What Asian Films Have You Been Watching Recently?

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    I can see why Kinji Fukasaku is so well regarded but its surprising how so many of his masterpieces just don’t work for me. I appreciate the cinematography and camera work. I see what critics/historians are saying when they praise him for his originality. Even though the stories are well told I just don’t seem to enjoy them. In the case of STREET MOBSTER and GRAVEYARD OF HONOR, I vehemently dislike the lead characters. It wasn’t a problem until about halfway through the films when their over-the-top histrionics and cartoonishly unbelievable self-destructive behavior wore me out. It becomes unbelievable that the other characters tolerate them to the extent they do. The men should have put a bullet in their heads sooner and no way the women would give them a second look. More importantly, 45 minutes of their ridiculous behavior was all I could tolerate sitting through. (I have the same criticism of another great film, Sadao Nakajima’s Aesthetics of a Bullet). All that said, there are some Fukasaku I absolutely adore, like COPS VS THUGS.

    Noboru Ando plays a mob boss in both STREET MOBSTER and GRAVEYARD OF HONOR. He is so damn cool and is easily one of my favorite Japanese actors. Oh how I wish he was the main mob boss in the original BATTLES WITHOUT HONOR films. Nobuo Kaneko ruins those great films. A cool and reserved Noboru Ando in those films would have been amazing.
    As someone who loves Fukasaku films, I'm intrigued by your comments, Jason.

    I agree that the protaganists/anti-heroes are often over-the-top and hard to like, but I guess, personally, I enjoy watching how their behavior impacts others.

    Totally disagree that women wouldn't put up with them. Plenty of women are drawn to these "bad boy" characters. It's in their DNA. Doesn't mean they'll marry and settle down with them, but many are deluded enough to think the man will change for them and "settle down."

    Agree on Noboru Ando.

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    As someone who finds himself constantly butting heads with corporate types, I like the Ishikawa Rikio-inspired characters in STREET MOBSTER and GRAVEYARD... I can sympathise with them and their nihilistic/self-destructive behaviour a great deal
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