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Thread: What Asian Films Have You Been Watching Recently?

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    Lethal Panther AKA Deadly China Dolls

    A fine remastered DVD/Blu combo in a German mediabook of one of my fave HK actioners* of all time, this time with both the English dub and Cantonese and Mandarin with English subs! Quite an improvement of my old dodgy UK DVD which was a straight port from an old VHS I also had at one point.

    Also, the film is not only uncut, but it has an interview with Godfrey Ho AND an audio commentary with him as well! AMAZING!

    * with soft core porn thrown in for no real reason.
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    I watched the Korean director Man-dae Bong's Trap (on a HK DVD with English subtitles). Plenty of nudity and sex, with an odd and disorienting plot. Highly recommended.

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