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Thread: What Asian Films Have You Been Watching Recently?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lil_hatred_fo_life View Post
    I wish there were more info on v-cinema on the internet seems like the era gets thrown in the trash outside of a handful on flicks , I have a little book on v cinema but there’s damn near zero titles in English in the entire book .
    man, I still remember when my local Video Japan was going out of business about 10-15 years ago and they were getting rid of a shitload of V-Cinema titles for $1 each. I ended up buying a big stack just from the covers alone but unfortunately, not long after my ex and I had a bad falling out and I never went back to retrieve the box with them but she probably threw them out or gave them to goodwill out of spite anyway lol

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    man those covers always look cool as hell , i always get tempted to go on buying sprees of random v cinema tapes lol

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    I watched Kung-Fu Killer the other night. Decent enough plot, but the fights would have been so much better without the more obvious bits of wire work.

    My wife put on a Gary Daniels/Kane Kosugi one from Thailand the night after, I missed the title, but it was excellent. Kane is looking for his missing daughter, and Gary is the drug dealer who may know where she is. Good and gritty with plenty of strip club scenes!

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    kemushi recently paid for the translations and timed the subs for Shôgorô Nishimura's Nikkatsu hybrid RP + Sun tribe flick, SEX-CRIME COAST: PIRANHA SCHOOL and made it available a couple days ago. I have it on queue atm but going to get around to checking it out by the weekend. I'm pretty sure @takuma reviewed this one recently, unless I'm imaging things and gave it a really shitty score but I'm a glutton for punishment and the overview at tmdb sounds hype lol

    A gang of no-good youths calling themselves "Piranha" terrorize a seaside community by breaking into rich folks' mansions, stealing and raping everything in sight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 47lab View Post
    kemushi recently paid for the translations and timed the subs for Shôgorô Nishimura's Nikkatsu hybrid RP + Sun tribe flick, SEX-CRIME COAST: PIRANHA SCHOOL and made it available a couple days ago. I have it on queue atm but going to get around to checking it out by the weekend. I'm pretty sure @takuma reviewed this one recently, unless I'm imaging things and gave it a really shitty score but I'm a glutton for punishment and the overview at tmdb sounds hype lol
    Franky I have no idea why anyone would pay for this

    Quote Originally Posted by Takuma View Post
    Sex-Crime Coast: School of Piranha (肉体犯罪海岸 ピラニヤの群れ) (Japan, 1973) [VoD] – 1.5/5
    Male and female delinquents dubbed as “Piranhas” (no, not the Toei guys) have sex on beach, take captives in a house, then have sex the house. Hitomi Kozue is the main bad girl getting jealous when shag partner Ryuji Nakamura gets intimate with rich girl Masumi Jun. Dull home invasion Roman Porno with a Sun Tribe flavor and a bit of gang content. Director Shogoro Nishimura merely slaps the genre premises together and proceeds to do nothing with them. Last reel action aside, it's embarrassingly unambitious for an early Roman Porno.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Takuma View Post
    Franky I have no idea why anyone would pay for this
    It’s all good for me as beggars can’t be choosers. I Want him to sub every RP he can get his hands on even the lower quality ones.

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    I recently watched Ricky Lau's 1998 GWG flick, RAGING ANGELS on VCD. Low budget production shot in the PI with a bog standard revenge plot and Roy Cheung typecast as what else but a murdering Triad thug masquerading as a legit businessman. Hilarious that the subtitles refer to him as "Tammy" when it's obviously "Tommy" but butchered English subs are par for the course. The "raging angels" as described in the title are played by Carrie Ng and Jade Leung and they are the sole reason to stick with this putrid movie till the end. Veteran HK action director and part time actor, Yuen Bo (I last saw him in Sammo's THE BODYGUARD) is to be given credit for the finale but this is a turd of a film for 3/4s of its runtime. As mentioned the saving grace is the kinetic finale with the gals going all guns blazin' and kung fu fighting on Roy Cheung.

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    Prisoner Maria x 3

    Female Prisoner Punisher Maria (女囚処刑人マリア) (Japan, 1994) [DVD] – 2.5/5
    Largely idiotic, manga-based DTV junk with a bit of exotism. A Japanese warden in Thailand assigns prisoner Maria (singer / actress / hair nudist Naomi Kawashima) to conduct an assassination outside the prison because her profile says "does karate, is dangerous". She needs to be back on time or they'll kill her irritating idiot son. The target is hanging out with some random girls at his pool till one of them turns out to be an assassin. He immediately replaces her with another stranger, Maria, who turns out to be the 2nd assassin of the day. By the evening, he’s found himself a 3rd new girl! He just doesn't learn, does he? Luckily for him, Maria is just as incompetent, botching every chance she gets by not pulling the trigger fast enough. It sort of makes sense, Maria being the sweetest looking single mother in the world who doesn't look like she'd hurt a fly. Frankly quite inept, and not convincing in the least, but the film does have a sweet lady in a cool outfit (eventually) killing evil men with guns, knives and bare hands, and somehow you can't help but to be moderately entertained by it all. Bad, but in a sympathetic way. Director Jun Furusho was a contributing writer in the Rapeman series, but this film chaste as a choirboy with no nudity other than a few butts.

    Prisoner Maria 2 (女囚処刑人マリア2) (Japan, 1995) [VoD] – 3/5
    This one does a 180 degree turn on the choir boy policy. Full nude body check, sadistic torture and deflowering a virgin with chopsticks are some of the scenes this incredibly sleazy sequel packs into its first 20 minutes alone! Still to come: the most misogynistic assault rifle execution of all time. Maria's target this time is a foreign diplomat's son, a sex crazy gaijin serial killer who just wants to have good time in Japan. And he's played by some bilingual dude Charlie whose acting rivals the wildest achievements of his Hong Kong gweilo brothers. Always fun to see white people portrayed as second to Satan in Asian film. Maria is this time played by idol / singer / actress Aya Sugimoto who has two facial expressions and does one of the most ridiculously bad karate demonstrations in the history of mankind. Her main merit is her resemblance of Reiko Ike. The film is junk, but fast paced and so gloriously politically incorrect that it's good junk. Of course it lacks all the genuine qualities that comparable 70s Japanese cinema had, but as cheap 90s DTV junk you sure could do a lot worse.

    Prisoner Maria: The Movie (女囚処刑人マリア 劇場版) (Japan, 1995) [VoD] – 3/5
    Shuji Kataoka's theatrical follow-up to the two DTV films (1994 & 1995). It still feels like video cinema inside out. Busty pop idol (hence the no nudity clause) Noriko Aota takes over the lead role as prisoner assassin for dispatch for the warden (pink veteran Shirô Shimomoto). Her target is a politician's son who's been a bad boy (mainly, cutting open young women's stomachs) and needs to be eliminated before he causes too much embarrassment to his mom. Kataoka was the right man for this, a pink director who wanted to be an action director (often producing hybrids, e.g. SM Hunter and Subway Serial Rape). This is sex and violence a plenty, with rapes, gore, gunfights, martial arts (ranging from bad to alright depending on who's performing) and crazy villains. There's a bit of 80s/90s violence anime vibe as well. It's all cheap, yet heaps above modern digi-video garbage. Had Aota gone topless this'd be an easy three, now I award the rating with some reservations. Just a note: a WiP film this is not, lacking the genre shenanigans and, for the most part, the prison.

    WiP x 4

    Female Prisoners: Demon of Sex (女囚性欲魔) (Japan, 1976) [DVD] – 1.5/5
    Tarantino may have made a heist film that doesn’t show the heist, but here we have a prison escape film that doesn’t show the escape - or the prison. The money, you know. This was directed by Seiji Izumi, who’d later go on make some cool mainstream action films like On the Road (1982), Majoran (1983), and South to the Horizon (1986). The desire for action is evident here as well, the three prison escapees running into rapey gangsters, recalling their violent pasts in flashbacks, and one of them being a sukeban type school girl. But none of that ultimately saves this from being a cheap and somewhat amateurish sex flick. Had I seen this in cinema, I might have had the patience to appreciate it as a product of its era and genre. At home, move on to better films.

    Female Prison: Lynch (女刑務所 ザ・私刑) (Japan, 1978) [VoD] - 1/5
    Loving big sister Naomi Oka takes the blame and bails her brother from murder charges, wins herself a prison sex vacation. Cheap Shintoho WiP pinku full of sex scenes and lightweight lesbian nastiness. Minor amusement rises from the prison only employing one guard! Director Banmei Takahashi followed up with three sequels… probably. As per pink film industry conventions, many of them have been re-released under new titles. The sequels should be Female Prison: Pervert (1979), Female Prison: Tight Bondage (1980) and Female Prison: Rape (1981). Assault! Female Prison (1982) is not a sequel, but a theatrical re-release of part 1. Part 2 has at least three different Japanese titles. Also, the series title is “Sukemusho”, an unorthodox reading of the “Onna keimusho” which is what really stands in the poster. They could not possibly have made it more confusing.

    Female Prisoner: Caged! (女囚 檻) (Japan, 1983) [DVD] – 2.5/5
    Most Roman Porno sub-genres produced artistic gems; WiP did not. The majority of Nikkatsu’s roughly a dozen WiP efforts were barely more representative than the cheap sex films by the smaller pink studios. This Masaru Konuma film is a sleaze fest as well, but directed with impressive professionalism. It’s mean spirited yet with small heartfelt moments, convincingly acted (Mina Asami in particular, but the rest are good too), stylishly filmed, and even ends with bit of a punch. Btw, the writer / assistant director on this one was Osamu Murakami, who later helmed one of Nikkatsu’s best later day Roman Porno films, the superb yakuza thriller Burai no onna (1988).

    Joshu 701 go - Sasori gaiden – Dai 41 zakkyobo (女囚701号 さそり外伝 第41雑居房) (Japan, 2012) [DVD] – 1/5
    Shintoho’s second and last pink Sasori, curiously much darker than the 2011 movie. This one pushes the focus more to violence and peril, even featuring some cheap gore effects and boring action scenes, most likely attributable to DTV action director Ken'ichi Fujiwara (Zombie Hunter Rika). But he’s little more than an amateur+ at what he’s doing, and his attempts at playing homage to the original series materialize as ugly digi-video remakes of three scenes from the first three Meiko Kaji films. The storyline is about Nami on the run, till she gets caught by vengeful female guard who throws her back in Jailhouse 41 (which looks like some abandoned school building… you know, Shintoho production values). Being a pink film, Nami is still a nymphomaniac – a nonsensical contrast to her ice cold, speak-none, need-none characteristics. Flavour of the month AV-girl Tsukasa Aoi replaces the previous film’s space monster Asuka Kirara as the lead. Marginally better than the 2011 film.

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    The Yagyu Chronicles 8: The One-Eyed Ninja (柳生武芸帳 片目の忍者) (Japan, 1963) [TV] - 3.5/5
    Part 8 in the Yagyu Chronicles series. Yaguy Jubei tries to curb a revolution against the Tokugawa shogunate after a weapons shipment goes missing. He calls in all the Yaguy ninjas, but among them comes a young impostor (young Hiroki Matsukata). I'm not well versed in classic Toei jidaigeki nor ninja films, so all I can say is that this film is loads of good time, a stylishly filmed ninja suspense tale full of action, including a ninja version of the Battle of Normandy as part of the massive 25 minute action climax.

    YA-KU-ZA-Hoodlums (893愚連隊) (Japan, 1966) [DVD] - 3.5/5
    Early Sadao Nakajima film detailing the daily activities of young opportunistic hoodlums (Hiroki Matsukata, Ichiro Araki, Ken Sanders and a few others) in Kyoto, a city of bigger, more organized yakuza. It takes a while to get going, but Nakajima does well with a catchy jazz score, effective cuts and cinéma vérité style cinematography de-romanticizing the gang life. One of Nakajima's more personal projects conceived outside the usual genre cinema box, together with Memoir of Japanese Assassins and Aesthetics of a Bullet.

    The Threat (脅迫) (Japan, 1966) [VoD] - 4/5
    Brutal, extremely intense Kinji Fukasaku thriller about a family man (Rentaro Mikuni) forced to help two criminals (Ko Nishimura and Hideo Murota) in a kidnapping/blackmail plot after they invade his house and take his family as hostage. Fukasaku once said he's proud of his filmography from the early 70s on, but closer inspection shows he already directed various small, but highly effective pictures in the 60s. This one is almost as hard hitting as his 70s classics, sharing their editing rhythms and documentary style street cinematography. The cast is terrific, Nishimura (the old priest from Lady Snowblood) in particular as the main bad guy.

    Virgin Breaker Yuki (玉割人ゆき) (Japan, 1975) [DVD] - 2.5/5
    Nasty bitch / brothel virgin breaker Masumi Jun gets involved with outlaw revolutionaries and is stalked by dickless hobo Takuzo Kawatani. Early Showa set political Toei Porno isn't really great shakes, and oddly the storyline has more to do with supporting characters than the protagonist. But there's some sadism, a great Kawatani role, and it's quite watchable from the general/technical standpoint. It's worth noting that most of director Yuji Makiguchi's output wasn't as outrageous as his most notorious picture, Shogun's Sadism, and nor was this.

    Virgin Breaker Yuki II: Western Licensed District (玉割り人ゆき 西の廓夕月楼) (Japan, 1976) [DVD] - 3/5
    An unusual sequel that is essentially a meditative character piece of cruel poetry. This time Yuki falls in love with a man haunted by a complex past. There quite a lot of attention to period detail and more than a bit of arthouse Roman Porno flavour despite being a Toei film. In fact, had Noboru Tanaka or Tatsumi Kumashiro been Toei directors, they might have made with something like this. Well, it was written by Yozo Tanaka who did write several films for Noboru Tanaka and Masaru Konuma (and later even Shinji Somai). The film doesn’t ultimately achieve as much as it could, but it is quite an interesting curiosity in Toei's line-up. Fans of the more exploitative part 1 will be disappointed, but I think this is the better of the two.

    Tattoo ari (TATTOO<刺青>あり) (Japan, 1982) [DVD] – 2/5
    Osaka chinpira Ryudo Uzaki goes around gambling, beating women and running miserable little businesses. 70s Daiei lemon sex starlet Keiko Sekine plays his punching bag, Yuya Uchida contributes a song. Depressing 80s misery porn not unlike Mosquito on the Tenth Floor and Ryuji, two films I have little love for. The 80s fashion disasters in prominent display don't make them any easier to take. Should find its fans, however, and it did. Director Banmei Takahashi picked up the best director trophy at the Yokohama Fest, Uzaki was crowned best actor. A for me, had this been made 5 years earlier with Takuzo Kawatani in the lead, I think it could've produced something quite different and cinematically outrageous.

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    Thanks, Takuma, for these ongoing mini-reviews. I'd buy the book if you compiled them all into one.

    YA-KU-ZA Hoodlums sounds great, too.

    Fukasaku's THE THREAT sounds amazing. Hopefully it will be available with English subs at some point.

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