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Thread: Shameless Releasing Dellamorte Dellamore (Cemetary Man) On Blu-ray?

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    Is there a good release of this anywhere?

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    I've had the Italian Blu-ray release from Cecchi Gori a few years and I'm happy with it.
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    Le Chat Qui Fume has announced this as an upcoming Blu-ray release along with The Sect.

    From FB:

    "Gna! We are pleased to announce the release of dellamorte dellamore, the masterpiece of Michele Soavi in DVD and bluray collector.And Here's news from sanctuary and sect. It was announced early to prevent you from buying english bluray that had virtually no bonuses and masters. We preferred to move these titles to sign dellamorte dellamore, to make real bonuses, but especially to recover the new masters hd at the end of September. We have already started the translations of the bonus of the first 2 titles and we can tell you that sanctuary will have about 1 hours of bonus and the sect, 3 PM.
    It is true that our 4 big titles of 2018 took us a great deal of time because of too many bonuses to be made and à, but the soavi are moving forward. We are a micro structure and we can't work on 10 titles at once :-)
    Good only to wait for Freak-O-Rama Video Productions Bonuses on dellamorte dellamore with anna falchi in it <3
    And for the release of the titles we will do the best to bring Michele Soavi to Paris!
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    Is that a slam on Code Red in there? We need a good release of DD for certain, hope this is it.

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