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Thread: Lord Of Illusions

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    Lord Of Illusions

    Splitting this off from the main Scream thread now that details are coming out.

    The pre-order link for our Blu-ray Collector's Edition of LORD OF ILLUSIONS is now live! Order now and receive at limited edition 18" x 24" poster of the newly-commissioned key art while supplies last PLUS get it two weeks early on 12/2!

    This is a 2-disc set, which will include an HD version of the "Director's Cut" of the film. Extras are in progress and will be announced later on in the Fall.
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    I rewatched this recently and really liked it. I saw it in the theatre back in the day and enjoyed it then, too.

    An overlooked, underappreciated movie. Bakula as Harry Swan was just ok, but the plot of the film was solid, and the vibe is gritty and almost noirish at times.

    I'll be picking this up. Glad to see it's getting some Blu-Ray attention.

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    I enjoyed this one too.....very underrated movie.

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    Director Clive Barker’s cult classic is getting the “Collector’s Edition” Blu-ray treatment on December 16th and today we report our list of extras included on it!

    DISC ONE: Theatrical Cut of the film

    DISC TWO: All NEW High Definition transfer of Clive Barker’s Director’s Cut of the film
    - Commentary by Director Clive Barker
    - “A Gathering of Magic” Featurette - Original Behind the Scenes Footage
    - Unseen Rare Behind the Scenes Footage “Illusion of Reality” - Vintage interviews and UNSEEN On-Set Footage provide a fascinating look into the making of the film
    - Deleted Scenes with Clive Barker commentary
    - NEW Interview with Storyboard Artist Martin Mercer
    – Photo Gallery

    Order now at and receive an 18” x 24” limited edition poster of the newly-designed key art too (while supplies last) AND receive the title 2 WEEKS EARLY near 12/2!
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    I picked up a BD of this in England, only to get it home and learn that the director's cut was in standard definition. Talk about bullshit!

    I like this film a lot, quite a bit more than NIGHTBREED but not nearly as much as HELLRAISER. At some point I may upgrade to the Scream Blu, if it gets good reviews.

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    It's better than I remember it. Pretty good film, some questionable casting choices though.
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