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Thread: Jean Rollin on DVD & Blu-ray

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    There is no try, only do. Click to make big!

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    An interview with a Kino rep regarding the Redemption deal and the Rollin films was just posted here:

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    Will post some Lips of Blood images tonight. Went through the disc last night and while it's disappointing that more of the extra from the Encore PAL release weren't carried over, the transfer is a good one.
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    Kino, if you're reading this, you really should be sending us this stuff to review!

    Regardless, some caps from Lips of Blood (again, click them to see the big ones)!

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    Looks amazing, I need more Rollin in my collection.

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    And some caps from Shiver of the Vampires...

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    You got the disc early. I don't expect mine to be ship before the 24, unless our Amazon get them early (not that it happen very often).

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