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Thread: Andy Milligan

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    Andy Milligan

    So far I've seen:
    - Nightbirds (blu): liked it
    - Guru, the mad monk (high-quality download on the Vinegar Syndrome website): great!
    - The body beneath (blu): great!
    - The ghastly ones (SWV dvd): didn't know what I was looking at, the image and sound quality was a bit too low

    Are any other Milligan titles planned for a blu-ray release?

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    Code Red have three planned for this month, Torture Dungeon (1970), Bloodthirsty Butchers (1970) and The Man With 2 Heads (1972).

    You should also check out The Rats Are Coming! The Werewolves Are Here! (1972) and Fleshpot on 42nd Street (1973).
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    If you haven't already, please read Jimmy McDonough's biography of Milligan. It's a great read (Milligan's visit to a performance of Peter Pan is a highlight).

    I love Milligan's films. I'd love to buy Code Red's Blus, but I don't think Bill will sell them to me as I live in the UK :frustrated face: I'll have to see if I can snag them from a third party seller.

    Has anybody read Rob Craig's book GUTTER AUTEUR, about Milligan's films? I haven't bought that one yet, largely owing to the high price.
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    Code Red were also going to put out Blood (1974) but its postponed for the time being.

    Anyone ever see Carnage (1984)? I've crossed paths with the old Media VHS several times but never actually watched the film.

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    Carnage is good fun - I have the Media VHS tape. Milligan is a director I have alot of time for, possibly because when getting into horror/exploitation films etc through books and magazines, he was often mentioned in a very negative way, often dismissed as the worst film maker of all time. It made his films intriguing to me, so I got hold of a double bill VHS of Blood Rites (aka: The Ghastly Ones) and Bloodthirsty Butchers expecting the worst, but was pleasantly surprised: especially Blood Rites which I often revisit all these years later. The SWV disc is amongst my favourites actually - I loved Seeds Of Sin too. I have many of his films on DVD-R, but would happily upgrade them to DVD/Blu as and when they are given legit releases.

    It's quite annoying therefore that Code Red are the ones to release BB, Man With 2 Heads and Torture Dungeon as they are all fun Milligan films I would snap up in an instance, but they won't sell these films to the UK. Hopefully Diabolik DVD will stock them.

    Have had my eye on that 'Gutter Auteur' book for a while actually, but not got round to buying it yet. I do have 'The Ghastly One' by Jimmy McDonough however, which is a great read.

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    The Body Beneath is one of the most fascinating films I've ever seen and I say that without a trace of irony. Its one of those films that you watch just completely dumbfounded as to what you're witnessing. Say what you will about the quality of his films but Milligan was a true auteur. I think anyone with an interest in off the beaten path cinema needs at least two of his films in their collection. The man himself was also quite the character. Just imagine what a commentary track from him would sound like?!
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    Yes, The Body Beneath is great. Anyone new to Milligan may find this a good starting point. The BFI Flipside disc of Milligan's Nightbirds here in Blighty has it as an extra feature, but its still worth getting the ever wonderful SWV disc, which contains his short film Vapors (plus a bunch of Milligan trailers).
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    I'm downloading "Fleshpot..." from the Vinegar Syndrome website (where I found "Guru..."). I'll let you guys know what I think.
    Thanks for the replies!

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    That "Ghastly One" biography was incredible. A very well-written and fun read. Well, fun ... you know what I mean... Maybe entertaining is a better word.

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    This info popped up on FB regarding the new Code Red Blu-ray:

    "I received mine today. Sadly, BLOODTHIRSTY BUTCHERS is still cut(same version as the old Midnight Video one, but of course in MUCH better quality!). Liked the deleted scenes added on the MAN WITH TWO HEADS disc-just wish there was more of the rough torture/gore parts that take place in that secret room Jekyll goes in as well. Haven't watched TORTURE DUNGEON, but am assuming it's also the same as the old Midnight Video version, missing the hunchback kissing scene and a few other minor spots. Mishkin was notorious for kissing the MPAA's ass, cutting anything he thought would stop his films from getting the R-rating. I'm sure there's totally uncut prints of Milligan's films somewhere, in a private collector's film basement, etc. Hopefully, the real deals will come out someday!"

    I'm hoping my copies will show up tomorrow or later this week as I pre-ordered them they day they were available.
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