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Thread: Andy Milligan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ignatius View Post
    If anyone is interested in the Garagehouse releases of MONSTROSITY and THE WEIRDO now is the time to grab them.

    Garagehouse announced on Facebook that they're doing a clearout of several releases that they're not planning to repress. 2 for $20 and it includes the Milligan titles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dom D View Post
    Posted on the Severin Facebook page. Andy knew the way things were heading.

    Yes, that's from the 1981 Fangoria interview with Milligan. I reread that quote when I was researching the recent article I put together about Milligan's British films for Horrified, and included it in the conclusion for the article. Such a prescient observation.
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    Monstrosity is now sold out.

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    Managed to get copies of BOTH Garaghouse Pictures Milligan releases:

    Got Web of the Spider to go with Monstrosity as The Weirdo had sold out & got sold out Milligan title from Amazon UK.

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    Just need someone to do an official release of Milligan's Surgikill (1988) on BD, preferably along with the following unfinished productions.

    Compass Rose (1967)
    House of Seven Belles (1979)
    Adventures of Red Rooster (1984) (TV series)

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    Yeah, I really don’t get why this hasn’t happened yet.

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    Jimmy McDonough has hinted that there may be more to come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobias Wragg View Post
    Jimmy McDonough has hinted that there may be more to come.
    Hopefully another BD boxset containing the one remaining complete film not on BD along with the three surviving unfinished projects & the 2 films Garagehouse Pictures released.


    Compass Rose (1967)
    House of Seven Belles (1979)
    Adventures of Red Rooster (1984) (TV series)
    The Weirdo - OOP Garagehouse release
    Monstrosity - OOP Garagehouse release
    Surgikill (1988) - Unreleased on BD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toyboy View Post
    They just announced on Instagram that this set is limited to 3500 copies and they've already pre-sold half of those.
    thanks, ordered! FOMO was kicking in hard.
    banana man probably crying himself into sleep, if this sells out before release date. I bet he still has a crate full of badly framed milligan bruh-leys, stored in demon daves basement.

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    Diabolik has The Weirdo still in stock.
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