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Thread: X-Rated Releasing Provincia Violenta

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    X-Rated Releasing Provincia Violenta

    Strangely translated by FB for your convenience:

    "The "Poliziotteschi" Bianchi "Province without law" appears in English on DVD for the first time in January 2015. The film from the year 1978 is particularly rougher and more permissive. Waiting next to Lino Caruana also Al Cliver and Richard Harrison. The version will contain more 2 scenes, as the old German VHS version. Thus closes a gap of collectors in this genre. Who does not know the film, can be viewed the Italian trailer."

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    The Italian Crime Filmography says this one's pretty bad - very low budget and clich├ęd story that treads familiar ground - but it does emphasize sleaze and violence. The Cipriani score is mostly recycled from his EXECUTION SQUAD, one of my favorites. I more than likely would bite on this. Thanks for the heads-up!
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    I ordered this earlier in the week and received it today. I've seen the film before but not for many years and can remember little about it.
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    This one has the most unlikely leading man of any Italian crime film that I've seen. A kid could probably give him an arse kicking. It's fun, but probably not for the intended reasons.
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