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Thread: Bruceploitation Face Kick!

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    MW updated his Brucesploitation poster book crowd funding campaign with short clip from THE CHINESE STUNTMAN. I really hope this gets released on blu ray down the line. I would prefer this over DYNAMO since the Spanish already put that one out on blu ray. The interactions between John Ledalski and Ho Chung-tao are hilarious (unintentional or not). I recall Ledalski through Toby Russell didn't think much of Ho Chung-tao's skills during the shoot and Ho Chung-tao reciprocated the feeling by telling MW that Ledalski was a "strange man."

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    Back in 2018, Synapse mentioned two Brucesploitation titles will be making their way to blu ray with THE DRAGON LIVES and some Indonesian Brucesploitation with THE STEEL FISTED DRAGON. Haven't heard any update about these two titles but hopefully they come to pass in 2020.

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    10 days left and printing costs haven't even been covered yet. C'mon, muthafuckas make it happen!

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    MW on the latest BULLETPROOF PODCAST discussing the crowd sourced Brucesploitation poster book, Severin documentary and Pearl River Collection kung fu blu ray label.

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    CHINESE HERCULES is coming to blu ray courtesy of DF.

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    The goal wasn't met but not all is lost as the book can still get done as MW mentioned he's looking into other funding options to make up the deficit.

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    I forgot to post this last week but it should come as no surprise that the next Pearl River Collection blu ray is going to be DYNAMO as the clues left by Ian McEwan left little doubt. But the real surprise is the flick that will be coming after which will be the Cliff Lok starring DUEL OF THE 7 TIGERS. No artwork for DUEL OF THE 7 TIGERS but this is what DYNAMO will look like.

    Name:  p3WokrA.jpg
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    • Synopsis: When a cab driver is discovered by corrupt producers as a successor to super star Bruce Lee, they find his rebellious and individual nature may be too much for even their massive enterprise to contain. This fan favorite in the sub-genre of Bruceploitation stars Ho Tsung-Tao (Bruce Li), Ku Feng and Chiang Tao. Directed by The Super Inframan helmer, Hua Shan.

      Bonus 2K scan from a 16mm alternate cut
      Audio commentary by filmmaker and Kung Fu Film fan Michael Worth (author of the Bruceploitation Bible) and UK radio sensation Iain Lee
      The Taiwan Connection - Michael Worth’s Journey to Meet a childhood idol: Bruce Li (15-minute original documentary)
      Kung Fu Reborn: Featurette on restoration and preservation of Kung Fu film elements
      Drawing Dynamo: featurette on cover artist Ian McEwan
      Theatrical Trailer to Dynamo
      Film essays by Michael Worth and bulletproof Cinema
      Bonus Language Tracks: Spanish, French and German


    • Synopsis: A reworking of Kurosawa’s classic film The Seven Samurai in a Chinese martial arts adventure. A group of fighters must band together to defeat a fighter who seems all but unstoppable. The film is known for featuring an impressive cast of fighters and martial arts movie notables Phillip Ko Fei (The Dragon, The Hero), Cliff Lok (The Ring of Death), Han Ying-Chieh (The Big Boss), Cassanova Wong (Warriors Two) and Hung Gar expert Chiu Chi Ling.

      Special Features announced:
      • Audio commentary by filmmaker and Kung Fu Film fan Michael Worth
      • More to be announced
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    I NEED Dynamo for sure.

    There's a crowd funding campaign going on to get Bruce Lee's Secret (Bruce's Deadly Kung Fu) on Blu-ray.
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Jane View Post
    I NEED Dynamo for sure.

    There's a crowd funding campaign going on to get Bruce Lee's Secret (Bruce's Deadly Kung Fu) on Blu-ray.
    Not only that movie but also DEADLY SILVER NINJA too!

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