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Thread: The Wonderful World Of The Polonia Brothers

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    FINAL Lost Polonia Brothers Movie, “Nightmare Vacation”, Tours in Limited Edition Form

    The final lost Polonia Bros. film, unless Mark makes another one and then buries it for 10-20 years, “Nightmare Vacation”, is now up for presales via a limited edition release from SRS Cinema.

    As Mark discusses in an intro to the video, he’s pretty much been through everything and doubts there is another stack of raw footage hidden away, so this is it. Our prior limited editions of other lost flicks – like “Channel 13”, “Death Reel”, “Hallucinations” – have all been big hits with the fans. And “Nightmare Vacation” is more vintage mayhem from the brothers of gore!

    “The next time you book a vacation to the beach….it could be your last!

    Join John Polonia and Matt Satterly as they head to the shore for a few days of booze and babes! Little do they know a sadistic killer with a sharp knife is tagging along, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. What is the terrible secret behind all the slayings? Watch this Polonia Bros classic, recently finished by Mark Polonia and find out! Another lost film that will make a welcome addition to your collection.”

    The release will be limited as follows:



    BD-R’s are professionally run and shrink-wrapped by Discmakers. Units are expected to ship approx late June.

    Check out the trailer @

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