• Ghosted #12

    Published by: Image Comics
    Released on: Aug. 20, 2014

    The new storyline kicks into high gear, giving us ample exposition about Jackson’s life and career while moving some key characters around into new, exciting prospects.


    The issue starts off with some police visiting a woman who had a stalker who just killed himself. She’s relieved at the prospect at finally having peace, just as his bloody ghost appears behind her…

    Back to the main story and Oliver King, working with the feds and having just recently captured Jackson and the possessed Nina, makes his introductions. He gets Nina out of her cell and as they walk to Jackson’s he details how the two of them have known each other some time. King says he did Jackson a favor by locking him up, something that - as they arrive at Jackson’s cell - he agrees with.

    King takes Jackson and Nina with him to meet Agent Creed, who’s none too impressed with Jackson. But he knows they need him as there’s apparently been a recent uptick in paranormal activities being reported, from haunted houses to full-on possession. Jackson protests that he can’t do anything with them but Creed lists out all of Jackson’s encounters with the paranormal and that, apparently, qualifies him for their needs.

    Jackson furthers his protest so Creed and King take him to a special place, a so-called “white room” that they have. Jackson freaks at this and so Creed explains how it came to in their possession. He had been assigned this paranormal duty and thought it was all a joke until one of his agents freaked out and skinned a bunch of people alive, making himself a skin-suit. He also left behind this white room, one of only five known in the world, a significant portal-type of room for accessing ghosts, demons and whatnot.

    Creed then explains that he wants Jackson to bring them someone alive, someone they think is connected to it all, a low-level street magician named Damian Charon. But Jackson looks at the file and immediately knows who this is: Danny Trick, son of Jackson’s recently-deceased best friend.

    The story then shifts back to the woman from the story’s opening who’s enjoying having her life back. But, soon enough, the ghost of her stalker reveals himself to her, her terror starting anew. Outside, observing this, is Danny and a prospective client to whom Danny details his “Death Wishes” program that allows for this.

    Back at the feds’ offices, Jackson agrees to help them out but only out of respect to his dead friend. He also demands that Nina accompany him as she’s really the only ally he has now. So, for the next steps, Creed leads Jackson to a room holding his biggest fan, a certain necromancer who knows something from the afterlife is watching over Jackson. That gets his attention...

    Joshua Williamson starts off this new story quite well, putting the characters into place nicely so you can catch up on the story that you may have missed but not belaboring the point, either. Davide Gianfelice returns to the artwork role here and is a welcome site as well. Since it’s a new story arc this is the time to jump into this series if you’ve been considering it.