• Twilight Zone The Shadow #1

    Twilight Zone The Shadow #1
    Released by: Dynamite Entertainment
    Released on: April 20th, 2016.
    Written by: David Avallone
    Illustrated by: Dave Acosta
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    The first issue of this new mini-series begins in Yaphank, New York in October of 1939 where, in Camp Siegfried, a Nazi rally is being held. As they begin to ‘sieg heil’ a familiar and sinister laugh is heard, a bomb goes off and twin .45s start blazing. The man in charge of the rally orders his Swastika clad minions to kill him, but The Shadow is too quick on the draw and if women and children are put into danger by his actions, so be it.

    His mission finished, he heads back to his meeting point where Margo scolds him for endangering those who she feels he should not have endangered. Shrevy drives them back to the sanctum and she makes it clear that she would never have set the dynamite if she’d have know there would be families at the rally. She fears he’s losing his connection to humanity, he tells her he used to be weak and as they argue, an explosion rocks the car and it lands on its side.

    Narration then tells us about how Kent Allard is not only The Shadow but also a man of flesh and blood and how the sanctum he’s awoken in may seem familiar but is, in fact, in the Twilight Zone. The Shadow enters the room, addresses him as Cranston, wanting to know how he got into his sanctum in the first place – after all, he’s just a mask that The Shadow uses, he shouldn’t have been able to get in here. They talk about the raid on the camp, it was three months ago and The Shadow tells him ‘you were not there.’ But we know he was. And then The Shadow tells him that Kent Allard died a long time ago in the jungles of Guatemala.

    Confused, Cranston goes to visit Margo – she offers him a martini and he declines – it’s then that she wonders if something is amiss. He talks to her about their argument in the car after the raid at the camp and she again tells him that he wasn’t there. She’s perturbed that he seems to believe he is The Shadow. He tells her he doesn’t want to forget Kent Allard and just as their conversation is about to continue, Shiwan Khan and a few armed men burst in. He demands to know the real identity of Ying Ko, The Shadow…

    This story shows pretty decent potential. The Shadow’s portion of it is written in a very pulpy style with plenty of amusing banter back and forth between Margo and the man who may or may not be Lamont Cranston who may or may not be Kent Allard who may or may not be The Shadow adding a welcome element of humor. The narration is written in solid tribute to Rod Serling’s style employed on The Twilight Zone and it works well in blending the two elements that are at work here. We’ll see where the mystery goes but for now, as far as first issues go, David Avallone’s story sets up an interesting yarn and offers up some pretty solid action as well.

    The artwork is good even if a few panels look a bit rushed and almost entirely devoid of background detail. The opening scene at the rally and the last page in particular really impress and Dave Acosta does do a good job of keeping The Shadow looking sinister and mysterious. On top of that we get a pretty cool cover from Francesco Francavilla.