• Candy Lips (Impulse Pictures) DVD Review

    Released by: Impulse Pictures
    Released on: May 8th, 2018.
    Director: Cecil B. Damill
    Cast: Gloria Leonard, Marlene Willoughby, Dominatia, Suzanne McBain, Jack Teague, Jeanette Sinclair, Herschel Savage
    Year: 1976
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    Candy Lips - Movie Review:

    We zoom into the window of an apartment in a New York brownstone, past the air conditioner and the plants, where we see a montage of women doing dirty things as a narrator tells us how ‘daddy was too old, too soon’ and how ‘she didn’t need him, she didn’t want him.’ From there, our narrator tells us how ‘mama was taking a bath and sis was asleep, I was out at the picture show.’ From there we learn what happened to mama, as Lilah (Suzanne McBain) sucks a dick and tells us how daddy showed up from out of town just as a horny man – daddy (Jack Teague) - had his way with ‘mama’ (Jeanette Sinclair) in the bathroom. Of course, Lilah came home just as things started getting rough and witnessed ‘daddy’ smacking the shit out of ‘mama’ only to take solace in her sister’s (Lois Luv) bedroom – a bit more abuse here, it’s pretty creepy to be honest. Regardless, Lilah gets turned on by what ‘daddy’ did to her sister as we cut back and forth between her sucking that anonymous dick and her padre going down on her sister. And that this point we’re around a quarter of the way through the movie.

    Cut to Lilah in bed, having just finished off her man (Ras Kean). She reflects on how things were better when it was just her and her mother and her sister, how they’d get close in such nice ways, before daddy came home – this, of course, leads to a sex scene where McBain, Sinclair and Luv. Eventually Lilah, now in college and reflecting on her upbringing, connects with an older, more sexually aware woman named Gloria (Gloria Leonard) – but not before seeing her college roommate (Marlene Willoughby) screw a dude (Terry Austin) – and then another dude (Herschel Savage) as it turns into a three-way.

    From here we see Lilah and her sister have an orgy with a pair of guys – but later, things take a kinky turn as a mistress orders her male slave to ‘eat that muff and give me some enjoyment! Down on your knees and eat pussy!.’ There’s a lot of leather and ass slapping here, some spanking and some caning, and a whole lot of ‘eat pussy’ commands from the dominatrix – it’s fairly crazy. She orders that ‘puny cock of his’ to be sucked and various other derogatory commands, while one of the girls being eaten out blows bubbles… literally Various dudes in partial leather getups get it up and go down, get head and screw while the mistress yells at everyone and slaps them over top of a pseudo-fuzz-rock soundtrack. Eventually Lilah’s poorly defined relationship with Gloria manifests in a lesbian scene, the kind of lesbian action that ‘made me feel warm.’ This segues into her first three-way which then turns into her taking on 2 dudes while Gloria just diddles herself in the corner and watches. Still not satisfied after that, she has Gloria join back in and bring on one of the dudes for another fuck, as Gloria narrates the film and tells us what’s important about her paintings of giant cocks and why they’re unique. And then I guess she’s had her sexual awakening and that’s it? Because the movie pretty much ends there.

    The whole thing is dubbed, which is odd because it’s a clearly an American film, but if nothing else, Candy Lips is filled to the brim with explicit hardcore bumping and grinding. Some of this is more interesting and exciting than other bits of it are, but you’ll never have to go more than a few minutes without someone, like a pirate in the night, challenges a vagina to a fight. Really, there’s no story here. Lilah is turned on by her parents having semi-consensual sex, then has sex with her mom and her sister and then has sex with everyone. Is there a moral there? I dunno, probably. You shouldn’t have sex with family members, obviously – but then, Lilah, after that, just sort of heads out into the world and screws everyone that she can… seemingly having a great time doing it. It’s all very confusing.

    Still, the lovely and extremely enthusiastic Ms. McBain does a fine job as the female lead in the picture. She has sex with pretty much everyone she comes into contact with. She does have pretty solid chemistry with the clearly older but no less vibrant Gloria Leonard. When these two collide, crotch to crotch, sparks fly – which is probably a good reason to go get medical attention, but whatever.

    Production values here are decent, if never exceptional or even all that memorable. The cinematography is just fine, as is the lighting. The music works quite well in the picture and it is edited not only with competency, but with some style and some rhyme as well. This nonsensical piece might not be a lost erotic masterpiece, but it does work on the weird, quirky level that it works on – this is more than worth checking out for fans of seventies smut. If nothing else, it predates Taboo by a few years and deserves some credit for that (though it isn’t nearly as interesting or as though provoking).

    Candy Kips - DVD Review:

    Impulse Pictures presents Candy Lips in 1.78.7 anamorphic widescreen taken from what was likely a theatrical print, albeit one in more than decent shape. There are a few spots where some vertical scratches are obvious on the source, but that’s the worst of it, thankfully – and it chills out after the first few minutes (the opening credits are a bit rough). Colors look okay – not amazing, but okay – and skin tones are fine. Minor print damage does show up throughout the feature but it’s nothing too distracting. One those scratches go away, things are fine.

    The English language Dolby Digital Mono track is okay – not amazing, but okay. The dialogue is easy enough to follow and the score is fairly clear, even if the music is flat. There is a little bit of hiss here and there but the levels are properly balanced. This gets is fine, if unremarkable.

    Outside of a static menu offering chapter selection, there are no extras on the disc at all. Nice job on the cover image though.

    Candy Lips - The Final Word:

    Candy Lips is interesting enough that it’s worth a look. Yeah, the non-stop sex is likely going to be the main draw here, but there are decent performances and a genuinely weird story kinda-sorta being told here to add to the appeal. The disc is barebones but it looks okay and is currently the only legit way to see it. So there you go – if twisted seventies sex is your thing, this should do you right.

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    1. Thomas Wood's Avatar
      Thomas Wood -
      Actually CANDY LIPS has a "legit" release from VCX that is still available. Of course the Impulse version is much better and cheaper so you would be a fool to buy it but it is out there.