• Kiss Zombies #4 (Dynamite Entertainment) Comic Review

    Kiss Zombies #4 (Dynamite Entertainment) Comic Review
    Released by: Dynamite Entertainment
    Released on: March 4th, 2020.
    Written by: Ethan Sacks
    Illustrated by: Rodney Buchemi
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    Laila, Crusher and the four members of KISS are, after the events of the last three issues, on their way to the middle of the country. We catch up with the tour bus thirty-five-miles from Cleveland, cause they’re kissin’ in Cleveland and Cincinnati too. The Star Child is driving while the rest of its inhabitants sit silently, contemplating what’s to come, and what they’ve been through. The heater is probably broke and everyone is clearly so tired.

    The Demon, sensitive one that he is, offers condolences to Crusher about Hank’s passing but Hank is having none of it, he’s got a headache and a heartache and he pushes him away and blames him for his pal’s death. He’s clearly going out of his head and it’s a bitch now that Hank is gone. The Demon reacquaints himself with Crusher’s style and then him in his place and Laila flips out and commands the Star Child to stop the bus. He does, even though they were all going for a spin. She grabs a big crossbow, and baby baby that’s quite a lot, and then she runs outside, yelling loudly enough to attract some zombies. She wants revenge for Hank’s death but is impulsive and almost gets bitten herself. It’s like she’s going blind or something, she doesn’t see what’s happening around her. Thankfully, and predictably, sharp shooting Star Child is packing heat – literally, he has a flare gun that burns the zombies like the midday sun - and he saves her. There’s just so much he can do, you’ve got to respect that. Also, he just might want to put his log in her fireplace, we can’t discount that when it comes to the Star Child. He’s gonna bang bang her.

    Once Laila breaks down and starts crying about how Hank died for nothing, The Demon, who sure knows something, agrees that they will, in Hank’s honor, head to New Detroit where everyone does it and knows the score. Once there, they’ll see what they can do for its inhabitants. But before they do that they have to hit Cleveland to find the signal and hopefully figure out why the members of KISS were frozen for as long as they were - it had to have been close to 100,000 years or so. The Demon knows where the signal is coming from, because he can see through everyone’s lies. He knows it is a place notorious for sucking the life out of music – the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame – and he’s right! Laila uses a drone to distract the hordes of undead walking the streets of Cleveland like creatures of the night, but it’s only a temporary distraction and soon the crew is fighting their way through a whole lot of zombies. They make their way into the building, only to come face to face with a gang of survivors wearing familiar looking face paint and chanting ‘PRAISE THE KISS!’

    If you’re searching for an answer as to how this is all going to end, hold tight, because this is a five issue series not a four issue series. You’re just going to have to gather up the courage to wait until the next issue to see what happens, and while that might seem like it’s going to last forever, forever, you know very well that it’ll be here before you know it. This sets up big things to come though – clearly all Hell is breaking loose. You’re probably thinking ‘hey man, what be this and what be that’ but have faith in writer Ethan Sacks to bring it all home with a big finish. Rodney Buchemi’s art is mean and dirty, like none you’ve ever seen. He draws the four well enough, though a few panels look a little sparse, alright, oooh yeah. For the most part though, it’s good. If he isn’t painting the page with desire, he’s keeping the action moving nicely enough.