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Thread: macro lenses

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    macro lenses

    anyone use these? looking to get one for my father. seen his photos and quite a few times he has shot some of those close ups of insects and plants. he doesn't have a macro but i think it would be one that he'd dig.

    he is not quite as experienced as i thought he was so user friendliness is appreciated but not necessary. he can figure stuff out but being an old man simple is good.

    any recommendations?

    so many lenses out there. he recently upgraded his camera. i'd bet a dollar that it is some canon digital camera but don't know the model. he seems to be a canon guy.

    any info about this would be much appreciated.

    thanks and have fun

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    Only thing I can tell you is that you need to match the lens with the camera, so make sure you get that info before you go shopping.

    Macro lenses are awesome, but decent ones are $$$. Not much to know about them, they'll allow you to get real close and get a 1:1 shot of insects and the like, keeping them fully in focus. I have some okay shots of spiders with a zoom lens, but the hairs on their legs are out of focus.

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    probably would be easier if i knew what camera he has. started looking at the lenses but probably need the camera for a starting point.

    he has a few shots of spider and bees. kinda funny be he did mention that the spider shots could look better when he showed them to me.

    i'll get the camera info and come back on here with it.

    thanks, Mark

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    Some online sites will help you compare, once you know the camera specs. It'll also help to know what lenses he already has.

    It's a nightmare about a maze of wormholes. Have fun.

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    nice. thanks, Barry.

    wormholes. yes. cleaning a toilet would be more fun.

    my father actually does have a lot of experience with photography. think maybe the auto-focus button has made him a bit lazy. he can do the manual stuff. saying he wasn't experienced was the wrong way to put that


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