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Thread: The curse of the cheap Blu-ray

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    The curse of the cheap Blu-ray

    Look at that - its only $10 bucks (or less)!

    You start thinking "What a great deal" and then things start to get really ugly.

    Your wake up one morning and realize you have over 100 Blu rays but your collection is stuffed full of crap.

    DTV shit like DOLAN'S CADILLAC.

    Atrocious garbage like PERFECT STRANGER (my desire to have sex with Halle Berry notwithstanding).

    Competent junk like UNTRACEABLE which will be watched once and promptly forgotten.

    I need to change my philosophy - one GOOD Blu for $20 as opposed to 2 pieces of crap for $10 each.

    Anybody want a copy of VALKYRIE with Tom Cruise?

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    Now see, for the money you spent for DOLAN'S CADILLAC, PERFECT STRANGER and UNTRACEABLE, you could have bought Criterion's M or something worthwhile like that.

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    Yup. I was just saying last night, Trainspotting is 5 bucks on blu. The barebones Alliance version. Coulda boUght it...but I'm not going to turn my bluray collection into a replica of my DVD collection.

    DOLANS CADILLAC, by the way, is not worth 1.50. :-P

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