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Thread: Film Media /Film Movement Releasing Joe Sarno Films On Blu-ray

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    Quote Originally Posted by bgart13 View Post
    Are there any advantages of the VinSyn ALL THE SINS OF SODOM over Film Media/Movements’?
    Not sure, honestly.

    As part of the deal, the licensor got a copy of our master, but Film Movement did their own master, I believe.

    Just examining the screenshots for both releases, on here, the VS one has finer grain whereas the Film Movement has much, much harsher grain. This is likely the result of the scanner used. We (VS) scan everything on an Arri. I'm not sure which scanner Film Movement used, but the grain structure implies a Spirit (though I don't have any proof of this).

    Vinegar Syndrome

    Film Movement

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    So it's just preference and what level of Sarno & VinSyn dedication/completionism one has. Thanks.

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    I have both. I just wish either VS or Film movement had carried on with their releases. I keep putting on hold further purchases of Sarno films on dvd, because I already know what FM had planned on blu, but its been like what, 2 years?

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    Has there been any update on whether Film Movement is continuing the series?

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