More vintage Sammo on Blu-ray is only a good thing, right?

"Hong Kong's action and comedy greats join forces in the wonderfully titled 1978 period kung fu comedy Dirty Tiger Crazy Frog! Karl Maka directs, Eric Tsang writes, and Sammo Hung and Lau Ka Wing star and choreograph the martial arts action. Dean Shek, Yuen Biao, Jason Pai, Fung Hark On, Mang Hoi and Lam Ching Yin are also in the cast.

Sick of seeing his wife, Frog (Sammo Hung) runs off and ends up at a gambling den. Crafty pickpocket Multi-Hand Chick (Meg Lam) is also at the den, and Frog gets set up and framed for stealing. He protects Multi-Hand Chick and fights his way out of the den with her, but she steals his belongings as well. Tiger (Lau Ka Wing), who was enlisted by Frog's wife to find him, catches up with Frog and they agree to search for Multi-Hand Chick together."

Available now on Eng. friendly Blu-ray.

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