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Thread: Bargain Bin Diving!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Jane View Post
    Chamber Of Darkness #4 (super high grade copy, this is the one with Barry Windsor-Smith's Conan prototype story in it)
    Nice, and now i need to find a reader copy of this. And in other 'not quite bargain bin' news, instocktrades has had the Marvel Horror Lives Again! Omni on sale for $56.24 for a while now...
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    ...mine came in the other day and it's pretty nice. Cloce to 1,200 pages with sections including Blade, Wendigo, Satana, Hodiah Twist, Lilith, John Kowalski, Ulysses Bloodstone and Manphibian.

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    So I hit the LCS and then the ourdoor con today and scored a few nice books.

    All $1 a piece:

    Vigilante 14-16, 19, 23-33, 35, 39-41, 45-46, 48
    Shadows On The Grave #1, 4, 8 (Corben art)
    American Splendor #2 (Corben art)
    Cable #7 (Corben variant cover)
    Locke & Key Alpha #2 (Wrightson cover)
    Showcase #84 (Wrightson art - I dunno wtf this was doing in a $1 bin, I think someone screwed up)
    Evil Ernie Special Edition #1 (Adventure Comics)
    Free Comic Book Day - EC Comics Sampler
    EC Classics #4
    Haunt Of Fear #21 (Gladstone reprint)
    Conan The Barbarian #121, 139
    Micronauts #2 (Golden art)
    Daredevil #231 (Miller), 249 (vs Wolverine)
    Amazing Heroes #65, 86
    Sherlock Holmes #1 (DC bronze age)
    Death Dealer #1 (Verotik)
    Haunted #43 (Charlton)
    Darkhawk #13
    Klownshock #1
    Black Hammer #11
    Forever Warriors #1 (Rich Buckler)
    Swamp Thing #130, 132, 142, 143, 158
    Dead Crew #1 (Tim Taylor)
    Death House #1 (not sure what this is but I'm a sucker for B&W indy horror from this era)
    Pestilence #1, 2, 3
    Clone #1
    Avengers No Road Home #6 (Conan!)
    Star Wars Darth Vader Vol. 1 #1 (Midtown variant)
    Savage Avengers #1 (Midtown variant), 12, 18, 19 (this series is dumb but I like it - Conan!)
    Stabbity Bunny #1 (not really sure what this is but for $1 I bit)
    Ghost Rider Vol. 7 #1 (variant cover)
    Ghost Rider Vol. 8 #1 (variant cover)

    And I paid $5 each for these ones:
    Uncanny X-Men #205 (Barry Windsor Smith art)
    Captain Atom #82 (Ditko - I think someone fucked up pricing this one as well, but oh well!)

    And grabbed a few new books:

    Daredevil #30 (Zdarsky's run is excellent)
    Scumbag #8 (this book makes me laugh)
    Immortal Hulk In The Time Of Monsters #1 (impulse buy!)

    Overall, I'm pretty happy.
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    Hit up a good comic shop,you know one that actually mostly sells comics.... and Books a Million.

    50 Cents each
    Baby Snoots and Uptite Mouse #17
    Barney and Betty Rubble #3-Charlton
    Devil Kids Starring Hot STuff #60&#65
    The Flintstones and Pebbles #18&#33-Charlton
    The Funky Phantom #3
    Harvey Collectors Comics #3
    Hot Stuff the Lil Devil #123,#124,#133
    Huckleberry Hound #2_Charlton
    Justice League Adventures #3
    Pirates of Dark Water #2
    Richie Rich #137
    Richie Rich Bank Books #30
    Richie Rich Billions #5&#21
    Richie Rich Collectors Comics #6
    Richie Rich Diamonds #20
    Richie Rich & Jackie Jokers #15
    Richie Rich as Super Richie #16
    Richie Rich Vaults of Mystery # 9
    Underdog #3-Charlton
    Wacky Adventures of Cracky #11
    Walt Disney Showcase #30-Reprints a pile of Barks Magica De Spell stories

    Then hit up a Books a Million which had a big cart of Comic TPBs,Hardcovers and OGNs on clearance. Used my buddy's member card to get another discount off the price.

    Comics Buck each
    Avengelyne Power-No clue but I'm stupid and trying to get 1 copy of everything Liefeld shat out while at and after he left Image.
    Prophet #5-See above
    Razor Vol 2 #7-Says final issue on the cover and being dumb and trying to piece together a full reading set of London Night Studio stuff.
    Rock N roll Comics #11-Aerosmith issue
    Trouble issues 2 and 4-This is that Epic mini from Mark Millar.

    Dakota North TPB-Appears to reprint all of her short lived series and most of her other appearances. Was 6 bucks.
    The Dark Tower The Long Road Home Hardcover-Was 7 bucks IIRC
    Manifest Destiny Vol 1 TPB-Was marked as used and clearance. So was 3 bucks.
    Miracleman Book 1 A Dream of Flying Hardcover-The Marvel version still in the shrink,they had 10 copies,was 6 bucks IIRC.
    Starchild Mythopolis II TPB-This was also marked used and clearance. Ended up being a buck.
    Suicide Squad The Nightshade Odyssey TPB-Was 4 bucks.

    So didn't do bad.

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    Dollar bin...

    Jungle Comics #3
    Lady Crime #1
    Red Sonja/Tarzan #1 & 2
    Solo Avengers #6 (Hawkeye & Falcon)
    Whisper Special #1 - This jumped out at me thanks to Newt's recent post. Though the fact that she dresses like she's in THE GOLDEN CLAW OF THE CAT GIRL, probably would have pried a dollar out of my fist anyhoo.

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    Whisper Special #1 is one I have but still ain't read. What Lady Crime is that?

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    Hell yea. I love AC's various pre-code reprints. I got in an issue of Nightveil's cauldren of fear or something like that. It has a pile of pre-code horror reprints.

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    Nice, i've never come across any of their Horror titles, but i have a few of their Jungle and Pulp Fiction types. Have a few of Blackthorne's Jerry Iger titles too. Love this stuff.

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    From the LCS' dollar bin and some scores from a reseller friend of mine....

    Terminator #13, 14, 17
    Grimjack #11, 12, 13, 14
    Daredevil #130, 177, 193, 194, 195, 197
    Ghost Rider #21, 24
    Beowulf #1
    Pestilence #5, 6
    Night Of The Living Dead #4
    Night Of The Living Dead: New York #1
    X--Men Vs Dracula #1
    Lady Death: The Crucible #1/2
    Tantalizing Stories #5
    Machine Man #13
    M #1, 2 3
    Twisted Tales Of Bruce Jones #2, 3, 4
    Silver Surfer Vol. 2 1
    Silver Surfer Vol 3 #34, 53, 54, 55, 57, 57
    Silver Surfer Annual #2, 3, 4
    Moon Knight #2, 6, 8, 15, 17

    Not bad for $1 each, especially those Moon Knights.

    And I paid more than $1 each for Swamp Thing Vol. 1 #4 and #9.
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    LCS had a 50% off sale so the $1 bins were $0.50 each. Grabbed Ultimate Hawkeye #1-4, Ultimate Elektra #1-5, Savage Hulk #1 and a few other odds and ends.
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