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Thread: Uncork'd Entertainment Releasing Funeral Home

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    Uncork'd Entertainment Releasing Funeral Home

    Press release!

    "Direct from its premiere at Fantasia, Mauro Iván Ojeda’s chilling supernatural thriller The Funeral Home comes to select virtual theaters January 29 and digital Feb 2.
    Bernardo is an undertaker. He and his dysfunctional family lives amongst coffins, wreaths and mischievous supernatural entities that visit daily. They attribute the paranormal manifestations to the dead bodies from their mortuary work. Finding the real source of all this madness will be their quest, but they might find a terrifying truth. Luis Machín, Celeste Gerez, Camila Vaccarini, Susana Varela, and Hugo Arana star.

    The Funeral Home plays virtual theaters January 29 before a digital release February 2 via Uncork’d Entertainment."
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    Crap. I saw the title of this thread and thought it was the William Fruet film. A remastered version of that would be nice, but I doubt that will happen.


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