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Thread: cicadas are coming! new camera questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul L View Post
    I don't use a Sony camera though have done in the past and have a number of student who swear by them. Most of the Sony sensors are excellent in lowlight situations.

    I believe Sony make a couple of excellent macro lenses in the E mount: one of these is 105mm and the other is 90mm. I think the cheapest of these is about $500, and the most expensive is twice that. However, depending on what lenses you've already got, a set of extension tubes will be much cheaper and in many circumstances can work just as well. (I don't have a macro lens for my Fuji but have achieved some pleasing results with an 85mm portrait lens and a set of extension tubes.) This video has some good advice specifically tailored to Sony's E mount system:

    i have the 90mm G fixed lens. have not yet had a good opportunity to play with that one. will take it outside before work today but probably won't get a good chance to really play with it until tomorrow, off day from work.

    thanks for the video link! will check that out.

    will probably take more bad than good but really hoping to get a few good cicada pics this year! think the fixed, or prime, lenses will be a good starting point for me. i like zooming in and out a lot with my pocket camera and video camera so the fixed lenses should be a fun alternative to how i usually take pics/vids


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