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Thread: DARKTOWN STRUTTERS/Film Detective

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    Thought there was already a thread about the masterwork that is DARKTOWN STRUTTERS. Must be thinking of some slice of ancient history at AV Maniacs.

    There has been a pre-order placeholder up for a BD-R of it at Amazon for at least six months, with no release date in sight.

    Anyone know much about Film Detective and if there is reason to be optimistic that this will actually come to fruition?

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    Film Detective is legit. He got access to the UCLA resto for VAMPIRE BAT and released that on BD-R, also did a decent VOODOO BLACK EXORCIST from a print. More recently, he's worked out a deal with Wade Williams and some of the Ed Wood stuff is supposed to be on the way. His recent releases have also been pressed, GIANT FROM THE UNKNOWN, HERCULES AND THE CAPTIVE WOMEN. All that being said, it's not encouraging that the pre-order has been up for so long. This may have fallen by the wayside after the WW deal. Would love to upgrade my TCM recording of DARKTOWN STRUTTERS, but this seems iffy at best.

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    Just read over at the CHFB that his release of FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER was pushed back because the restoration house was closed for covid. So there's a slight possibility DARKTOWN has suffered the same fate. Also, i forgot about FD's Blu of EEGAH, it's pretty boss.

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