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Thread: Smitty's Market (BBQ!), Lockhart TX

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    Smitty's Market (BBQ!), Lockhart TX

    The walls are black from the soot of the smoke which constantly fills most of the building.

    The coals just spill out onto the concrete floor. Keep the line moving!

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    part 2

    All that smoke; that's the flavor!!

    Someone alert Paul Casey please!

    The Courthouse in the town square:

    ...and this is some Masonic building that's about 100 years old, I hope they're restoring rather than tearing down:
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    part 3

    cool old buildings in Lockhart...

    Oh, you're back! You smell like food. Did you bring me anything?

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    Girl Boss Jane Alison Jane's Avatar
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    Mmmmmmm. I regret not being into BBQ the three years I lived in NC.

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    Awww...the part of you wonderful pictorial. That BBQ looks awesome.


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