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Thread: New Blade Runner Blu-ray in the works!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Tolch View Post
    I'm glad I don't like this film. It's about as over-released as the Evil Dead films.
    not a fan of Ridley Scott. his movies do have good/great scenes but the movies as a whole do not float my boat

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    curious about the sequel cuz i like Incendies, Sicario, and Prisoners. The Arrival is pretty good too

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    As long at they also include the Workprint Cut (the best version), or at least the theatrical/international where Deckard's humanity is in doubt, I'm happy. The Final Cut is just way way too weighted towards Deckard as a Replicant.

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    I agree. The international cut is my favorite.
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    I need to give the International Cut another watch. Haven't seen it in over 10 years and that was on VHS. Love the Final Cut.

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    So, a little behind the times. I've never been a fan of Blade Runner. I can't tell you which cuts I've watched in the past, though I do know I saw the one with the narration at one point.

    Anyway, watched The Final Cut version, and though it won't ever be a favourite, I thought it was nicely done.

    There ya go.

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    I have seen every cut that got a legit release. Plus a few fan edits. It's odd I saw Blade Runner in a theater when it came out and hated it. But I was a kid and thought I was gonna get something like Star Wars. A few years later caught it on TV and I became a huge fan.

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