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Thread: Steven Seagal Knows EVERYTHING.

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    Steven Seagal Knows EVERYTHING.

    This interview is awesome.

    Some highlights (courtesy of the awesome filmdrunk site)?

    -Steven Seagal thinks Michael Jai White is not tough, nor a martial artist (ditto Chuck Norris).
    -Steven Seagal knows the real story behind Iran-Contra.
    -Steven Seagal knows the real story behind Brandon Lee’s death on the set of The Crow.
    -Steven Seagal used to be friends with Jackie Chan but not anymore.
    -Steven Seagal can and possibly has killed people.
    -Steven Seagal deserved Al Gore’s Academy Award and Nobel Peace Prize but he was too ahead of his time.
    -Steven Seagal has saved many people’s lives.
    -Vladimir Putin is a great leader, a real man, and a true martial artist.

    Seriously, if you love Seagal like I love Seagal, and if you don't then you should, take fifty minutes (yes, fifty minutes) out of your busy schedule and let the man enlighten you as to the hard hitting truths surrounding these and many other important points.
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    Senior Member Jimmy Simard's Avatar
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    So he continue to be confused between his PR and his real life...

    Always a good reading on the tough guy he is...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Simard View Post
    So he continue to be confused between his PR and his real life...

    Always a good reading on the tough guy he is...
    Very interesting article, Jimmy! I enjoy Seagal's movies, but he believes his own hype waaaaaaaay too much.

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    Well the man is clearly so insane he makes Mel Gibson seem like a straight shooter. Though he might be onto something with Putin, whom indeed is a great leader!
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    SHITE...Its been taken down!!!

    Hope Steven doesnt hear about that dont want to get him angry!!

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    Can't find this ANYWHERE online now....

    Anyone have a link??

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    Last edited by Geten; 12-03-2012 at 05:15 PM.

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    Thanks for that link GETEN...You are a lifesaver!!!

    Will give it a look later...

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    Just finished watching it...and I think he didn't come off too badly (except for a few "wtf" when he keeps do you say that in English?").

    I really think that maybe he is an ok guy who just got caught up in his own movie world and said and did some stuff that he really shouldn't have..maybe got involved with some people he shouldnt have ..and started to believe his own hype/stories...

    He defintiely has done some pretty amazing stuff and he definitely has lived a full life (even without all the "stories')....

    I just think he needs work on projecting himself better and expressing what he says in a way that doesn't alert people's bullshit-ometers to go into overdrive...There is a lot of truth and sense hidden away in his rhetoric.....and he looks pretty good for 60......There's no doubt he was pretty good in his prime too!

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    And he is in the news AGAIN!!!

    The self-proclaimed "America's Toughest Sheriff" joined forces this weekend with action movie star Steven Seagal to train volunteer armed posse members to defend Phoenix-area schools against gunmen.

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