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Special Features:

Limited edition slipcase
Folded 11x17 double-sided poster
New 4K restoration from the original 35mm camera negative
New 4K restoration of János Vitéz (Johnny Corncob)
Three remastered short films (Sisyphus, The Struggle, and Dreams on Wings)
Brighter Colors - A new interview with director Marcell Jankovics
Making of János Vitéz - Archival newsreel footage from 1973
U.S. Theatrical Trailer
New English subtitle translation
New essays by Eleanor Cowen and Charles Solomon

*Limited edition run of 1,000

"The Greatest Psychedelic Animated Movie Ever Made"
- Eric Kohn, IndieWire

"This should-be classic, with its kaleidoscopic animation and vibrant mythos, is a unique contribution to the animated canon."
- Maya Phillips, The New York Times

"For years it has lurked underground, in the form of ripped discs and fuzzy YouTube uploads, sans subtitles. But at long last, ye patient seekers, a 4K restoration has risen. May your psyches never recover."
- Jason Kehe, Wired