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Thread: Nosferatu In Venice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derrick King View Post
    Severin mentioned who did it on their podcast, but it wasn't David Gregory, but I can't remember who it was. They did say that it has interviews with some people from the Northern California town where he lived the last few years of his life.
    Sounds very interesting. Looks like the documentary will definitely be better than the mess of a film.
    "His lives inside of his own heart. That's an awful big place to live in."
    -Billy Bob Thornton, 'Sling Blade' (1996)

    "Some roads you shouldn't go down."
    -Billy Bob Thornton, 'Fargo' (2014)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koukol View Post
    What's funny is there's a scene where Kinski trips on the Venice cobblestone and
    not only do they keep it in the film but they used it in a trailer with a quick cutaway.
    I just watched the DVD and assume you're referring to the moment at 39:06 when he turns his ankle. That looked like it hurt!

    There aren't a huge number of horror movies set in that Italian city (a dozen or two?), but one that I think has never been put out on disc and I would love to see released is DAMNED IN VENICE (1978).
    VHS will never die!

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